Quilt of Valor

Quilt of Valor

I've been a Marine Mom since 2002 when my one and only son left for boot at PI. Was always patriotic, but have become more so since that time. I joined Quilts of Valor a while back, when my Dad, a Korean War vet, passed after a quick, ugly meeting with leukemia.  I have always "made" things, but could never quite master the quilt arena. NOT that I have mastered it yet, but Daddy passed something on to me that won't let me stop with these quilts for the veterans in our lives. Just wanted to share one with you that is near and dear, finished it on the anniversary of the USMC and posted it on their site once.  Hope you enjoy. It will be going to one of six Korean War Veterans this month (I promised them a quilt!). It may not be the best, but it has my heart in there. And I have added a picture of my Marine.  Thanks for all that you do, at Sgt. Grit – everyone wants to know where I get my great t-shirts.


"Marine Mom"

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