Regarding November 10th 1967, or there about

Regarding November 10th: Sometime in mid to late November 1967 Hotel Company returned to base at Quang Tri. We were advised an MC birthday party/thanksgiving feast was in the offing, choppers arrived overhead and supplied us with vats ham, eggs, turkey, gravy, potatoes and fresh bread. Coffee and 3 cans Falstaff bear was made available for each Marine present. Armed forces radio was piped throughout the perimeter. Ms. Noel the dj for the Armed Forces radio could say “Hi, Love” like no other female on earth. Ms. Noel had a female voice to die for. In the aftermath of the birthday feast disaster struck. Marines were up-chucking and suffering a severe case of the s****! The scene became something of a full scale “Barf-A-Rama.” We wished we had never eaten the hot food or drank the coffee provided to us. And, the Falstaff beer was far less than top shelf. To top it off the beer was luke warm. The Marine Corp birthday during 1967 in Vietnam was a total disaster.

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  1. We had a similar meal disaster happen to our platoon, Platoon 3206, while we were still in boot camp. We were qualifying at Edson Range when we had bad gravy for lunch. Everybody got extremely ill except two of us because we, I was one of them, did not have lunch.

    In November 1970 when I was with Lima 3/7 in the Que Sons we thought a 46 had Thanksgiving chow in the green food containers it was delivering to us. It turned out it the containers had CS gas crystals in them for us to place in the multiple hiding holes we found. Happy Thanksgiving!

    J.P. Sitek 0331

    J.P. Sitek 0331

  2. On the Marine Corps Birthday 1967 I was an 1811 on security duty on a pontoon bridge north of Danang. The day was spent directing traffic (one-way bridge) and shooting anything suspicious floating towards the bridge. It was another day of opening a case of C-rations facedown so good luck getting what you wanted 🙂 Lots of trading going on but unlike the initial story….I don’t recall anyone getting sick.
    Semper Fi

  3. In regards to Marine Corps Birthday meal – yikes … been there done that ! 1967 at a fire base in the DMZ area. Hot food after months of C Rats.
    Good grief we should have known better. Live and learn right. So what did I do but do the same thing on R&R in Hong King. It takes a while for “Grunts” to learn I guess.

  4. My disaster was on 10 Nov 1968. Our platoon, 2nd Plt. Delta 1/9 was on patrol, when our new 2nd LT got us lost. Seems he must not have payed attention in map and compass class. By the time we got back to the company position the chow was cold. Cold steaks were better than no steaks! Don’t recall any one getting sick.

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