Rest in Peace “Mo”

Rest in Peace "Mo"


My boyfriend, a Marine who proudly served during Desert storm had always wanted the Marine Corps mascot as his own.  While he was at Parris Island he sent his mother a post card with an English bulldog in dress blues. On the post card it read something like, "One day I will get a dog like this." And to this day, she still has the post card.  Many years past and one day William, my Marine, told me we were going to get a puppy!
He had found, a website that had bulldog puppies.  Spur of the moment, we traveled 3 hours from our home to go take a look.  Well the trip ended up being a ridiculously long one, for we ended up getting stuck on I-75 for hours upon hours due to a fatal car accident.  We were both exhausted by the time we arrived at the breeders home.  We looked at several English bulldog puppies, but it didn't take long for William to make his final choice.  He held in the palm of his hand a chubby brindle and white puppy with a spot over one eye; who we decided we were going to take home.  Well it didn't take long for me to become very frustrated on the long drive home.  See we didn't really think or plan any at all.  I held the puppy in my lap in the car and we weren't traveling for more than 10 minutes before I got peed on the first time.  Not long after that the little fellow pooped.  30 minutes after we had him we turned around and took him back.  We obviously were in more than we bargained for.  We talked things over with the breeder and decided we would travel home and come back after we were prepared to bring a puppy home.  The next day we made the long haul once again, but this time we had a box, plenty of towels, and old t-shirts because we knew we were going to be dealing with lots of poop and pee for a 3 hour drive back.  This was the day William found a true buddy.
We were the new parents of an English bulldog, the Marine Corps mascot, a devil dog! Well he was more like a cute little chubby piggy while he was a puppy, something to awe about other than fear.  Everyone fell in love with our new pet.  We thought of names and didn't think of anything good until William thought of one… a formal name, "Maximus Aurelius," and Max for short, which turned in to "MoMo" and "Mo" his name we leaned on calling him. Everyone that got to be around Mo fell completely in love.  He was the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most wonderful puppy anyone could ever ask for.  He ate like a pig, farted, and snored so unbelievably loud.  He grew so fast into our macho-puppy/dog.
Mo never served in the military.  He never walked on a battlefield, although Mo did serve his master with unconditional loyalty, love, and companionship.  He was Williams pet for sure; he lived to be by William's side.  He could care less about anyone else; he just wanted to be where his master was.  Don't get me wrong, Mo was friendly and loved to meet new people.  What makes me believe that our English bully was a true Marine Corps mascot was his personality.  He was everything I thought a Marine to be.  He was headstrong, fearless, stought, loyal, passionate, and faithful.  He was tough too.  Once he had the pad on his foot cut, he jumped out of the truck and broke his leg too.  He had surgery with screws and rods in his leg, but he never changed. He loved his master, no place would he rather be. 
He loved to ride in the back of the truck, tongue stuck out with a mile of slobber flowing behind and barked out at every car that passed.  I think he was trying to protect us from them or something.  He loved to run at full speed… for short distances.  He loved his swimming pool, and would dive and eat carrots we threw in it.  He was our fishing partner, and loved napping on the houseboat too.  He chased laser lights and sometimes would run into the wall doing so.  He farted a lot, was stinky and needed bathed often.  He hated the bathing part, but really loved being rubbed down with the towel afterwards.  He loved to nap.  He reminded me of an old man; falling asleep if still for too long.  Man could that dog snore!  He snored louder than any human I've ever heard.  He loved to eat, and would eat anything if we did.  I remember a time William fed him smoked sausage and marshmallows.  He loved pickles too.  He went fishing with us and wore a life jacket.  He could swim, but got worn out and couldnt paddle fast enough. He did so many things, to many to say, that made him so unique, so very special, and so very loved by everyone.  William and Mo were a picture perfect view of man and man's best friend.
One of the things Mo did that made me think of a Marine was being fearless, first to fight.  If Mo heard thunder, he was going to fight it back.  Thunder would sound and Mo would take off after it growling in whatever direction he thought it was coming from.  I'm not really sure why he would do this.  I think he was standing by, ready to protect what he loved.  Thunder was a threat, and he was going to fight it to the death.  One day he did fight… he fought for his life.  Mo was outside going to potty.  We didn't know a storm was brewing up and thought nothing of it.  Thunder cracked loudly in the sky and that was all it took.  Mo took off running and barking with all that was in him.  He ran and ran chasing it away.  It was so horrible.  He ran down the long driveway into the road from our home.  William found him by the road and devastated he picked him up.  He ask me not to look, because he didn't want me to see him that way.  William was heartbroken.  He knew that Mo wasn't tough enough for this, this time.  That is the day that Mo left us, and that was the day he died.
Maximus Aurelius, Max, Mo was the best dog and best companion anyone could ask for.  He served as a Marine in every way.  He was loyal to his Marine brother.  He stuck to his side through good and bad.  He loved William with all his heart.  He accomplished what any Marine would want to be for his fellow brothers; he showed great camaraderie, loyalty, safeguard, fortitude and hardiness toward his companion.  Mo we will dearly miss you.  Thank you for being the best pet anyone could ask for.  Mo brought so much happiness and joy to our lives.  Mo knew the meaning of Semper Fidelis.

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  1. I loved this story….so sorry to hear that Mo has gone to Rainbow Bridge, but he is there waiting to be with all of you again….I love to look at bulldogs, they’re so cute…..thank you so much for sharing it….he was a very special “Marine” to his master…they do tend to be a one person dog….

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