Retired Marine

I served in the USMC from April 1976 through June 1997. I attended Officer Candidates School (PLC Combined) the summer of 1976. I was assigned to Delta Company, 4th Platoon and my senior drill instructor was GYSGT Wells. I remember reading the list of casualties from the Beirut bombing which killed many outstanding Americans, and unfortunately there was 1st Sergeant Wells name. I was very saddened about his death because he was a great Marine who shared many of his life experiences from Viet Nam to our platoon of officer candidates. He went above and beyond traditional Marine Corps training requirements, he shared a piece of himself with us. God Bless you 1st Sergeant Wells and Semper Fi.
Stephen Hill
Major USMC (Ret.)

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3 thoughts on “Retired Marine”

  1. I served in the USMC from 1966 to 1987 as a Helo pilot spending the majority of my service at MCAS New River, NC. I to lost a good Marine, Gysgt Dave Battle in the Beirut bombing. From what people, later were telling me the Marines couldn’t have the weapons loaded with on in the chamber, cannot confirm.
    May the be with Gunny’s Wells and Battle.
    As time grows near we will meet again.
    Tim Berry
    Major USMC

  2. I too heard that same comment about the marines in the Beirut bombing tragedy were not able to carry loaded weapons for protection. Don’t know how true that can be
    Orlando Cepeda USMC 82 to 85

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