Retiring the Colors

My loving and supporting Wife of 18 years wrote this as a retirement gift for me last year.

Retiring the Colors

Newly Stitched

Ready to be raised,

Awaiting the glory,

And honor to be praised.

Despite the chaos,

The colors do not fall,

A sign of freedom,

That was seen by all.

It brought courage and hope

In the battle as it flew.

Now torn and tattered

From the war it went through.

With rips and holes,

The fabric was frayed

Its time has come

To be thrown away.

A Marine picked it up,

"It's not to touch the ground."

Equally wounded,

A new friendship was found.

Gently he folded,

His respects he did pay.

He retired the Colors

To be put on display.

By Sandra Rivera


To all who have served

GySgt Rivera served 1993-2013

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