Rifle Qual Range Score Book

Rifle Qual Score Book 1948 M1

I’m just wondering if any of my brothers out there still have their U S Marine Corps rifle range score book. Here’s what it looked like in 1948. Didn’t do too bad at 300 yards but still ended up as just a Marksman. That’s probably why they sent me to an Air Wing (2MAW).

Rifle Qual Score book 300 yard line 1968

Semper Fi,
Wallace Pfeifer
Plt 148 2ndBn

P.S. Did a lot better on subsequent rifle qualifications.

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  1. Wow Marine, awesome you had enough nostalgic foresight and managed to keep it after all these years. Ironically, a boot camp buddy (who ended up at 1st MAW) and I have been trying to remember the exact shooting protocol at the range with our M1’s back in our day, PI July-Oct.1958. We’re wishing/hoping to find anyone around from that era (DI’s, range coaches, other Marines) with far more accurate memory than ours or who also may even have an old score card/book. What little feedback we’ve received, memories vary drastically. BTW, if you didn’t have your score book do you think could you still recall the shooting events (positons, distances; slow fire, rapid fire)? Semper Fi, Leo Caldeira – Plt 281 2nd Bn

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