Royal Marines Museum

Royal Marines Museum

Hi it has taken us 2 years to get our small Royal Museum to how it is today. We collect money for our Wounded Royal Marines and also for the Widows and the children whose Husbands and Dads never made it back home. The 1st year, 2014, we collected £1,450, last year we collected £2,489. Every cent goes directly to the charity. I have attached a photo of our museum that we call G10, it’s in Landguard Fort. Felixstowe, where in 1667 the 2000 strong Dutch tried to overcome 400 Marines and lost, this was the last time England was invaded. We celebrate Darells day every year in July as he was the Officer in charge. Pere Mare Per Terram & Semper Fi!

Royal Marines and U.S. Marines Brothers Graphic

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