Sad Performance

I was in Platoon 124 when JFK came to MCRD San Diego in 1963. We were at the Pugil Stick Pits where he came to observe. I drew the largest recruit in our platoon to fight. Pvt. Garner knocked me around the pit just a few feet from JFK. It was a sad performance on my part. That is me in 1968 in Leatherneck Square.

Vernon R.

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  1. Hey Vernon, Great memory. My pugil stick experience was a little different. We were competing with another platoon and after I beat two of their recruits their Drill Instructor double teamed me with two of his recruits. Got my ass beat! Harry 1371 P.I. 1967

  2. I sure did get my head cut off. I looked at the other guy And said this guy is little and he won’t win but he was so fast he hit me in the head and the DI said your dead

  3. I was at MCRD SD at the time a student going through basic electronics school. We were all marched to some place on the depot to hear him (JFK) speak.

    1. I too was at the electronics school for radar in 1963 with just a week left in training and we had to stand in formation for what seemed like an hour waiting for Kennedy to come out and give his talk.

  4. OCS, Quantico, pugil stick fighting: I was pitted (pun intended) against Jackie Proctor, a really tough football player out of Alabama. I remember “en garde”. That’s the last thing I remember!

  5. Paris Island PLT 286, F Co. 2nd BLT. Fall of 1976. I won my 2 fights against another platoon. Then the DI selects me and another guy to do a “two on one” against the other platoon. We (2) step forward against the (1) from the opposing platoon, I take another step forward to swing on him and my TEAM MATE hits me in the back of my helmet!!!! The REF blows the whistle and says,”your DEAD!!!”. I step off to the side and the DI chews my REAR OFF. Laughing now, but not then. And I think my team mate got beat too.
    Tony Woconish
    SSGT, 1976-1982
    Radar Tech., F-4J/S

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