Scorpion In Your Tent

A man was conducting an All Service member briefing one day, and he posed the question: “What would you do if you found a scorpion in your tent?”

A Sailor said, “I’d step on it.”

A Soldier said, “I’d hit it with my boot.”

A Marine said, “I’d catch it, break the stinger off, and eat it.”

An Airman said, “I’d call room service and find out why there’s a damn tent in my room.”

Submitted by
John Wear
USMC Vietnam Tanker

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7 thoughts on “Scorpion In Your Tent”

  1. Phu Loc 1968. In our 2 man living quarters entrenched in the side of a hill, we would fight OUR pet scorpions to the DEATH… Hq. Btry. 2Bn. 11th MARINES 2531

  2. Long before I was a Marine, I spent some time in AZ. My older brother and I were in grade school, I believe I was in third grade he was in fourth. We used to catch scorpions in a mason jar, pop them in the freezer for a few seconds, pop their stingers off and walk around with them in our hands freaking people out. Mind you, I used to play with tarantula’s and snakes as well. (I am a female marine) who was married to a male marine while stationed at NAS NOLA. We used to catch vipers, keep them in containers, alive, take them to Baton Rouge to the University to have them “milked” for their venom.

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