SD vs PI

I recently had the pleasure of watching my 17 year old son graduate from MCRD P.I. I am a Hollywood Marine. I went to San Diego from the Detroit area 30 years ago, Now they are going to P.I. from here. He had the choice to go to San Diego since I went there but chose P.I. because he signed up with a buddy who HAD to go to P.I. My SDI was SSgt Mance, assisted by SSgt Perez and Sgt Augustine, who by the way really had it out for me once he found out my MOS was 5811(MP) and he was always getting tickets for speeding in his hot rod.

The differences between SD and PI are there (Mt Mother f-cker vs sand fleas, ect., ect.) but we are  Marines! 

Some memories: My first wake up in boot camp and standing on line if front of my rack with the hole in my skivies facing the rear.  Did not escape the DI's observation! Or at MCAS El Toro, the inspecting General's rep, a full bird Colonel ,wanted to see if the Marine next to me had his trousers marked with his name on the inside of the waist band. The Col was looking for the name in the unbuttoned and unzipped trousers when he noticed a swinging d-ck in his face because the Marine had gone commando! That poor  inspector also had his face smacked and his cover knocked off from a Marine after inspection arms while the Marine was smartly grabbing the barrel of his rifle to bring it back down to order arms.

Semper Fi brothers and sisters,

Nick Neamonits, Sgt, '83-'89 

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