While I was not a Marine, my son is an inactive air winger.  Our family has served this nation from our great-great-grandfather who was a member to Co "E", 76th Reg of the PA Volunteers, Zoaves that landed in Hilton Head.  I myself served in Korea landing in Inchon just as the phony truce was signed.  Starting out as a member of Co "B", 502nd Reg of the 101st.  I was transferred to 8th Army FWD in Korea, taking a cruise on the troop ship, TAP 114, William Mitchell going over and coming back!  On board, 2,000 Marines and 3,000 Army!
I was the last of a long line of first cousins who fought in WWII. They all survived fortunately.  One of my cousins, Gunny William Mowbray joined the Marines in 1937 and was one of the original Marine Raiders and survived the islands.  I had two cousins at the Battle of the Bulge, one was shot down on a Polesti raid and was a prisoner of the Germans for three years, another was in the Merchant Marine Engineering Officer running through a few Wolf Packs.  William is buried in Arlington Cemetery not far from Audie Murphy, Lee Marvin and Joe Lewis. You have no idea how disgusted I am when that what sits in the WH enters Arlington for whatever reason.  Bad enough for Ted Kennedy being buried there disgracing the cemetery.
The reason I'm writing you is that I made a small contribution to the cause when I worked the original plywood mockups of the CH-46 SeaKnight & CH-47 Chinook Helicopters at Piasecki Helicopters in Morton, PA.  I've attached a few pix.  I started out as a bench mechanic and worked my way up to the pubs department where I made some of the master structural repair manuals for the CH-46.
If anyone of you jarheads are interested about the development of the SeaKinight, just contact me Jim Webb at &
Jim Webb

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