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While stationed in Iwakuni Japan 84-85 I was deployed to Yetchon Korea for Team Spirit 85. I thought I had got my financials in order as I was to be gone over 2 months. In my haste I had my checks direct deposited into the wrong account. Upon returning to Japan my NCOIC informed me of said mistake and let me know how much I owed him. This great marine had put his own money into my checking account when it was brought to his attention that I had started bouncing checks. I was in a wildcat or work center made up of avionics techs and GSE techs. I cannot even remember the name it was given but we put together the vans/ pods that made up the work shops the avoinics operated out of. I know this Gunny was married to a Japanese lady and had several children. Unit might have been called van support. I worked with Tom Glenetzski, Darby, Beaker from P3 and Chris Mckee. The Gunny’s mos was 6412. Anybody with information to share would be greatly appreciated. Gunny also put me up for meritorious E4, which I made. Great Leader. Thank you. Gary Erwin Sgt 83-88

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  1. That’s a great story of a SNCO taking care of his troops. I had a similar experience while stationed at Cherry Pt. N. C. with MWCS 28 in 84. I was married at the time but my wife was not with me due to marital problems we were experiencing at the time. It was Thanksgiving week and I volunteered for Group Headquarters Guard Duty on Thanksgiving Day. Mostly I did it to fill what would have otherwise been a very lonely day as I would be one of the few left in the barracks. Secondly I did it so that others with family on base could be with their families. Well there I was on guard duty mid-day Thanksgiving Day and my unit O.I.C., a Warrant Officer (Gunner) walked in with a smile and a full plate of Thanksgiving dinner food! Needless to say I was taken back by his generosity and this act of kindness and caring from Gunner. He made a VERY lonely and depressing day for me almost bearable. That has been 35 years ago now and I still get teary eyed telling that story. I don’t know what ever happened to Gunner but I hope that sonewhere, somehow that he was rewarded for the kindness and compassion that he showed a lowly E-3 that day. THANKS GUNNER!!

  2. There is a group on Facebook called VMFP-3 (80-86). I posted your story there along with a link to this blog, maybe someone will remember the Gunny.

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