Semper Fidelis Marines

Semper Fidelis Marines

Happy Birthday to all of you Marines out there. Especially our former Corpsman, and more Marine than Most… Doc Erasmos Riojas a beloved "Doc" in Korea and now Navy SEAL ret'd, also to the Members of the 49th Marines (all those living above the 49th Parallel). This video is available for your viewing pleasure men. Enjoy and Semper Fidelis Marines… Hand Salute to ALL of our veterans and allied veterans…

Parris Island: Cradle of the Corps

Check out the last photo and just think of being Canadian, having the last name of "Flowers" and being told I would never survive this ordeal on the island. They sure fooled me.

Gerry Flowers
USMC 0311 / 8654
Commander "Theodore H. Snow" Post, #75 CDN, Am/Legion
Past President Vietnam Veterans in Canada, Est. 1986
Past V.P. U.S. Naval School, Underwater Swimmers
Life Member Military Order, Purple Heart
Life Member Vietnam Veterans of America, #165
Life Member D.A.V.
Member 49th Marines, Mission. B.C.
Member F/O U.S.Naval School, Underwater Swimmers
Member Vietnam Veterans in Canada, Est. 1986
Past Member UDT / SEAL Association, Sponsored

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