Set back again.

My experience in boot camp was similar(but different) to the Set back story. I, like he, also was issued boots of the wrong size. Mine were too short because i have a high instep and shorter foot. As in his case, my boots also caused a blister that caused by foot to swell up two sizes. I don’t remember having the blister at all. The swelled up foot was discovered the night before first drill. My DI, Plt. 113, asked me if i could drill the next day before going to sick bay. Of course i didn’t say no. I did the drill then was immediately sent to the hospital first then to casual plt. after the swelling went down. This was about a 2 week period.
I was with that Plt.(forget the number) until we arrived at rifle range Camp at Camp Pendleton. When we arrived at our barracks we were given time to chose our bunk and then told to take a shower before evening chow. While in the shower, as i remember it, another recruit saw me and went to get our DI. When he saw me, i think he was going to have a heart attack. I had red spots all over. There had, in the not too distant past, cases of spinal meningitis, which may have crossed his mind. Fortunately, i didn’t have that but instead Reubella (German measles). So off to the hospital i went for quarantine. Two others, i don’t believe from my Plt. joined me. Needless to say, i was there a while from initial quarantine through healing.
Then i was sent to my third Plt. 133 with which i did training at the rifle range and completed my boot camp. This happened between Jan. ’66 to April ’66 at MCRD San Diego. SEMPER FI to all who served before me, with me and after me.

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  1. I was there the same time same place. I remember spending a lot of time in shorts and sweat shirt. Nothing ever fit.

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