Sgt Grit Customer Service That Is Second To None

Many of you have dialed 888-668-1775, and have been greeted by one of our motivated Customer Service Representatives. This crew is dedicated to assisting each Marine, spouse, family, and friends with getting their order squared away. We pride ourselves on providing fanatical customer service that is second to none. From fielding call-in orders, processing mail-in orders, answering customer emails, and much more… Sgt Grit's Customer Service department provides superior customer service that even Chesty would be proud of!

The Sgt Grit Call Center hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 10am – 3pm

Sunday: Closed

To call in an order dial: 888-668-1775. To send in questions or comments, please email us at: Remember, we look forward to helping you to get squared away.

The Sgt Grit Call Center is shown in the highlighted photo. The Marine Corps flag (right side of photo) was signed by Vietnam Veteran Marines that served in Khe Sanh. The OD green t-shirt below the Marine Corps flag was signed by members of the Vietnam Tankers Association. The bulkheads around the Sgt Grit headquarters are decorated with numerous plaques, pictures, certificates, and posters that have been given to Sgt Grit over the 25 years we has been in business.

One thought on “Sgt Grit Customer Service That Is Second To None”

  1. after completing the purchase their was a survey to fill out. After the completing the survey it said I am awarded 4 magazines I guess as reward. I really didn’t want any since none of them were appealing. having more military style magazines is something to be looked in to. However, Not only did I have to pick at least one magazine I am subjecting myself and picked two. I’m not sure what the $2.00 issue is so I hope you can advise me of this. Also, when I did pick the magazines that related the best to me it showed up later that I picked up three. Not the case. I picked the two magazines with automobiles on it. I think Car & Driver and I’m not sure on the last one. Maybe you can look it up. Can we please get this resolved asap. I gave a very good evaluation to Sgt. Grits website, But I am not impressed with situation. Please advise me through email at I will be looking for your information.

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