Sgt Grit Has Landed On Instagram

Did you know that you can now follow Sgt Grit on Instagram? We post daily about events going on at Sgt Grit, customer product photos, Marine Corps history, Sgt Grit's history, Marine pets, and virtually anything else that helps our customers and fans to better connect with us, as well as providing a way for us to better connect with you.

The happiness that you experience when shopping at Sgt Grit's can be shown to the world when you snap a picture or video of you sporting our motivational Marine Corps apparel, using our always handy KA-BARs, drinking from our outstanding USMC drinkware, or collecting our good-to-go Marine Corps novelty items. Just make sure that you post your photos and videos with #sgtgrit, so we can enjoy the experience right along with you!

Visit and follow us on Instgram @sgtgritinc today!

5 thoughts on “Sgt Grit Has Landed On Instagram”

  1. I placed an order for 3 hats that were on the cover of their latest issue of Sgt Grit. What a joke! I just called to get the status of my order placed two weeks ago. I am told that the items were discontinued and the order was cancelled. If this is how this business is done, than they should be out of business. I was never notified the order was cancelled and how can you advertise something on the cover of the magazine and as soon as it is published, the items are discontinued. This is a disgrace and you should not be in business

  2. What happened to the bulletin board (?) where you could write in and comment, or submit remarks on the postings of others? There were lively discussions on this feature which seem to have disappeared from the Grit retinue.

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