Sgt Grit Newsletter – 29 SEP 2011

“Flood” and “Air Raid”

When at Camp Matthews for our rifle qualifications our Senior DI, after our adventure on Little Agony, which resulted in only 10-12 making it to the top (with their seabags), decided we needed a few new commands when marching to chow.

The first was “flood”. When this command was given all sh-t birds were to get to a higher point so they wouldn't drown. Two or three trying to climb a palm tree was not lots of fun. Then there was “air raid”. This required the same birds to seek cover in a ditch, etc. Of course there were none in evidence when this command was given. Many drowned and more were killed in the air attack.

Of course neither was a real marching command in any manual. But when I was recommended for meritorious promotion to corporal our top had the Gunny and my platoon Sergeant quiz me about effective rates of fire of weapons and close order drill commands. There's a command to let troops break ranks, while marching, without saying: “squad, platoon, company halt”. Now when ask what this command was; I could only think of was it's not flood, but maybe, which I said “air raid”. The Gunny almost fell off his chair he laughed so hard. My platoon Sergeant just smiled. They were both in on this little set up. There is such a command, I later learned. It's “GAS”. I did get the promotion.

Art '53-'63…1/9 3rd…1/5 1st

Expected More

20 September 1957, 54 years ago at age 17, I earned the title of “United States Marine”. Being a Marine has help me accomplish goals in my everyday life. When I was In the Army I was told by many of my Commanders and Senior NCO's that they expected more out of me then the other soldiers because I was a Marine. So because I am a Marine I did more.

I thank SSG Connly, SSG Connell & SGT Jackson, my DI's. They guided me for 13 weeks to make me a Marine. I learned from them that there was no such word as can't in the Marine Corps or in my life.

Semper Fi!
Marine D.A. Popper

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