Sgt Grit Newsletter August 31, 2011

Many Nurses Passed

Sgt. Grit,

Sgt. Jack Pfaller, whose article “It Is The Same” that was published last Thursday didn't live to read it. Sgt. Pfaller, a proud Marine, stood his last watch on 16AUG1011. He was 65.

Sgt. Pfaller's article related how well he was treated when the hospital staff, in which he was being treated, saw his Marine tattoo. He wrote “but the Respect I received from the nurses and techs proves the saying that once a Marine always a Marine.

It wasn't till I tried to call him to compliment him and tell him about a similar situation I experienced that I learned he had passed on. Here is the story:

A few years ago I was forced to have back surgery. On the day I was to enter the hospital I plastered a removable EGA tattoo, that I got from Grit, on my butt. I was assigned to a nurse who told me to undress and put on one of those silly gowns without a back. Which I did. She escorted me into the operating room and told me to get on the operating table, face down. When the nurse pulled the gown off my back, I heard a loud gasp and a whisper to another nurse in the room to come here. Which she did. Another loud gasp and a chuckle. It was quite amazing how many nurses passed through the operating room in only a minute or two; most pausing alongside the table with a giggle.

Finally, the nurse bit; big time. She asked why I had a Marine Corps insignia tattooed there. I said “when I was in boot camp my drill instructor told me that my soul may belong to Jesus but my arse belongs to the United States Marine Corps”. By now the doctor and full operating staff were there and the operating room erupted in laughter. That's the last thing I remember. But, after recovering in my room, over the next two days, I was frequently asked by a nurse if I would show them my tattoo. Grit's tattoo made a lot of people laugh. Great fun. Hope you enjoyed it Sgt. Pfaller. Semper Fi.

Ray Kaufmann



“Panic sweeps my men when they are facing the AMERICAN MARINES.”
–Captured North Korean Major


Cups In The Air

Sgt Grit
Not sure if I related this story before…I was a JDI 2Bn F Co SDiego 1958-59. I was in the duty hut doing paperwork when the OD came in. I stood and saluted and he asked if I had seen my house mouse. I said something like “Sir we can't have house mice”.

Then I asked why he was asking me and his reply nearly knocked me out. He said, “I was coming around the company street and saw a recruit with two coffee cups. When I told him to stop, he threw both cups in the air and was gone around the end of the street in about a nano second. I knew he had to be one of yours.”

Truth was, yes indeed he was. I told my mice if they were ever challenged they better toss the cups in the air and be gone before they hit the ground. I suppose the word got out.
Semper Fi
Rocky Kemp 1439323



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