Sgt Grit Polo shirts on Iwo Jima

Sgt Grit Polo shirts on Iwo Jima

I wanted to share a photo of Sgt Grit Iwo Jima Polo shirts. We wore these on a recent visit to Iwo JIma. My father fought there for 18 days. He was assigned to Charlie company, 1st Battalion, 28th Regiment , 5th Division. We were there courtesy of Dick Portillo of the Portillo Restaurant Group. My father was in the book Flags of Our Fathers. His name is William Faulkner.

Thank you for the great polo shirts. We put them to good use.

Dave Faulkner

4 thoughts on “Sgt Grit Polo shirts on Iwo Jima”

  1. Still good to see some of the old 5th Marine Division men alive, A very heroic time in our history Oorah for those old Marines!

  2. One of my best friend was on Iwo Jima he was one tough SOB he’s gone on too his new duty station in heaven he was SGT. John Hilla he was wounded on Iwo his son showed me a pic of him with a Thompson in hand a short cigar in his mouth he was my inspiration to be a Marine. Semper Fi.

  3. thank god for marines, without them where would we be. was in 5th marines but at a different time. thank you for serving our great county. god bless us all.

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