Should Be With A Marine

Should Be With A Marine

SGT. Grit,

Can someone identify the following coin?

1-1/2" diameter, 1/8" thick, smooth thin edge, rope type fluting on
both flat edges.

Top Side has a Gold Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on a red background,
1-1/8", surrounded by a black ring with United States (from 10 to 2
positions), Marine Corps (from 8 to 4 positions) with a star at 3
and 9 positions in gold.

Bottom Side has a red 6 slightly over center, rest of back in Gold
with embossing / relief / shading. Above the 6 from 10 to 2 Motor
Transport Battalion in a circular ring at 4 and 8 positions are
collar type insignia w/ anchors pointed in, and a streamer above
the wings. Below the 6 is 4TH FSSG in a level line. Around the
outer ring, starting at 9 position: Providence, Red Bank, Lubbock,
Texarkana, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Haven.

Both Top and Bottom are covered with a clear Poly-Urethane type

This coin was seen at a garage sale by an Air Force S.O. friend of
mine. He gave it to me saying "It should be with a Marine". He
wouldn't tell me what they were charging for it, just asked that I
take care of it. I'd like to find out its history, unit origin,
etc. I'm guessing it may date to WWII or Korea. It may have a
personal meaning to one of my brother Marines.

Thank you,
Chuck Reardon
Sgt. of Marines
'64 – '68
RVN '65 and '66

4 thoughts on “Should Be With A Marine”

  1. 6 could be (6 Div), 4thFSSG would be Reserves, My best guess would be WWII, Possibly Korean War. the names on the coin sounds like reunions at those Cities.

  2. The coin represents the 6th motor transport battalion out of providence,RI part of the 4th fssg reserve unit with the corresponding cities on the coin. It’s now called the 4th marine logistics group since 1992

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