Sick bay Commando, Son of a B*tch , Rat Bastard , Communist !

As sick call supervisor I've seen it almost all. I was with 5/11 in 1991 at the Stumps. It was 2 days prior to a 25 mile hump. I looked in sick calls waiting room, and no shit there he was, not only the Btn's Shit Bird,but sick bay commando too. Ya think he might have been looking for a light duty chit ?

He made eye contact with me, then made a mad dash for the head ( to throw up ?) – Ya think ? I shook my head and slowly followed him in. The B.A.S. was in line with the S-3 shop, so I entered the head from that side of the building. He was leaning on a sink with a shit eatin grin on his gold bricking face. I just walked up to him and caught him with a right hook, and he was out. I had just come from 2yrs with 1st. Recon,and was at that time an amateur boxer. I woke him up and gave him the Bums Rush out the door towards the headquarters building. Now our XO Mgr. Hardiman happened to observe same. he laughed and walked inside. Two days later, I get an invite to visit the C.O. This was Lt./Col Big Jim Saclaben. He asked me to be seated, shook his head and started to laugh. He told me he and I had a problem, and could I please help him with same. I said "yes sir" and asked how I could be or service. He told me I had burdened him with an ususual delema being that I was techniclly a Sailor, and that he wouldn't feel right bringing me to Office Hours for beating Marines up.I said "Sir", and he said Yea, Doc I know you're not the average Corpsman but you got to cut it out"Just wouldn't be right ! The man was 6'2' and 240. I was 5'9" 185. I said "yes Sir" and was dismissed as he shook his head laughing. 

Mike (Doc) Clarke    .

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