Silent Night Memories

My wife and I just returned home from seeing my 7 yr old grandaughter's Cristmas concert at her school.

It was a wonderful concert and it ended with all the children and the audience singing Silent Night. I was singing along, when I was transported back to December, 1968 in DaNang, Vietnam. Suddenly I was back on that hillside watching Bob Hope and Ann Margaret doing their USO show. There I was, this retired Marine MSGT, with my eyes full of tears, and not able to explain it, except to feel grateful for the life I've had, and sorry for all the guys that didn't make it home to have those lives!

Merry Christmas and Semper Fi!!

Paul Culliton

HqCo 26thMar

Vietnam , 68/69

3 thoughts on “Silent Night Memories”

  1. I was also there for the Christmas Show, Bob Hope was great and so where Rosey Greer and,Les Brown and his Band. I got some really nice pictures from that day as my friend was a Squadron Photographer. If you would like a few copies, e-mail me and I will be glad to send them to you. [ S/Sgt U.S.M.C.]

    1. I was down front for the show. I have my yellow ticket. I was featured in the local newspaper after Bob’s death to tell memories of his shows. I was an artillery mechanic for 109 howitzers and was moved to 4.2 mortars on float. Sgt L to Z. SSgt USMC.

  2. I left South Viet Nam a couple weeks before the Bob Hope show (4 yr. enlistment up) anyway when I was with Marine Barracks Alaska 64-65 we were treated to USO The Dave Bunker show with all girl
    band. Navy EM club was only large enough place to have it, the place was packed. The band was great, the
    girls were beautiful, Dave Bunker had a huge guitar that seemed like two guitars. The place went wild
    the beer flowed like water. I had a tough time getting up in the A.M. Summer of 1966 10th. Marines Lima Btry.
    went TDY to Gitmo Bay. There was a guy in the battery whose mother was Dorothy Lamore. He got her
    to come down and a show for us. The base had a large open- air theatre, she was tremendous. At the mess hall next morning while eating by myself she appeared with on entourage and proceeded to visit with the Marines present, she came to my table asked if she could visit with me, wanted to know my name, where I was from and moved on to the next table. I was overwhelmed, she is long gone what a great memory from Guantanam0. Anyone out there from that time would like to hear. Sgt. George Winslow

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