In July 1968 I arrived at Hill 861s and was soon met by a couple of Marines who took a look at the new Corpsman who delighted in calling me a “squid”. I thought for a moment as I had never been addressed in that term. I then asked them if they knew what a “squid” was. They replied,no and I informed them that a squid was something floating in the ocean sh–ng on Marine life. They then called me Doc for the rest of my time there over looking Khe Sanh. My second item to address is very close to my heart. It concerned a Marine serving with me in 1/26 Company C. We were patrolling the Ah Shau valley one day when my radio operator, a black Marine from somewhere back East turned to me and began trying to take off my Caduses. I asked him what he was doing? He stated he was taking off my insignia , so the VC would shoot him instead of me as there was a $250 bounty on me by the VC. At the time I laughed and told him thanks for the thought but reminded him that the same bounty was on him as a radioman. Al I remember was his name we used as SCOTTY and I do not remember where he was from. The thought of what had transpired Did not hit me until much later. This Marine was willing to sacrifice his life for me. I cannot think of a greater gift. Loved my Marines….RIP DOC John GOTT, Kia 1/26 Marines 18 DEC 1968 Hai Van Pass VN.

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  1. Speaking for myself, I have probably forgotten more about my life than I remember until something I see,hear,smell, or in this case read sets a spark. I remember our Senior DI,while giving us one of his many lectures, telling us that a Corpsman is not a Navy Corpsman but, a Marine Corpsman. Never is a Corpsman a Squid,Swabee, or even a Sailor they are Marines! So are you sure these guys were Marines and not Army? The same DI told us that there were no White Marines,no Brown Marines and no Black Marines. We have Light Green Marines, Medium Green Marines and Dark Green Marines! Also spent some time at Hai- Van in early 69 Harry

    1. I am with you on this one Harry, I never heard squid up, it was always corpsman up. and I was with a lot of different grunt outfits. I like that green reference, I never heard that before, it was always just green for me.

      1. Thanx Murray. Like I have said in the past, everyone has a memory and a story. It,s the obvious made up stuff that bugs me. Harry

        1. That’s for sure, but don’t let it bum you out, cause I have found most of it is made up and is what they want popular opinion to be.

  2. You two need to move in together and start your own personal website. How about “Sgt. Grit Newsletter Critique: What’s Wrong With Every Story”. Every Newsletter it’s, “You want to handle this one Harry?, ” No, you go ahead Murray”; like the Sgt. Grit Newletter wasn’t complete without your final stamp of approval or condemnation. Why don’t you boys just say thanks Doc…AND MOVE ON!! Sounds like Doc was just trying to establish a connection with a Marine he admired with as much information as he could recall, hoping Scotty might pick it up and respond. Best of luck to you Doc, and thanks for your service! I hope you and Scotty connect.

    1. You made your point there G.Willard. I just made a general statement not even directed at the writer. No need for the attitude!We all have different viewpoints and opinions and fell free to disagree but ditch the attitude!! Harry

    2. G Willard read the story again. I think we were meant to be impressed by the $250 bounty and I can’t figure out if the guy who is writing this died 18 Dec 1968 or Scotty. Who wrote it some unknown author who puts a lot off this kind of feel good stories on this web page. Sorry if we offend you, but we never run anybody else down to make our selves feel good. We just voice our opinion and don’t claim that you or any body else has to like it. I hope the story made you feel real good about yourself that’s why they put in. I read between the lines and it makes me sick, things like this just don’t happen it would be nice if they did. In country Dec66- Aug68 back in May69 to Aug69 went with 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 2/26 and others on many operations. C co. 3rd Eng Bn

  3. Being a U.S. Marine we had nothing but total respect for our “Doc’s” they were all looked on as just one of us. They saved so many butts and have not been forgotten by any Marine. I was in P.I. in the 2nd BN L Company 2nd Marine Div. in 1962 until I got out from the regulars and reserves in 1967. Had one year active standby in 1968, but was released 8 days before TET. I have a very large group of Jarheads plus Navy, Army and Air Force on a list and send out stories and we all keep in touch with other………..we have men like you that are on the list also, you are not the 1st Doc to be with us……….if you are interested let me know………I also have one Marine that was at Khe Shan and came out of the battle with a Navy Cross and Purple Heart. Drop me a line at courtcurtis@usa.net. We also have other Marines that still talk about Hill 861 and 881. Would be glad to have you on our list……….Nothing ask for but our Brotherly love for each our……….as you know all of our Marines are Brothers…..very good story you posted…….CCC

  4. Ditch the attitude??? LOL. When you two get over yourselves! You are correct about viewpoints/opinions, it’s just seems that you two reserve the right to pass judgement, mostly negative, on these posts. Things like this don’t happen? Of course, you were there. World theater is a lot bigger than just Vietnam, but as far as the ‘Nam goes for me: 8 combat decorations including 2 PH’s (AK 47), my MOS’s speak for me. Good luck again Doc! Sgt. Conkwright, your comment is why I read the Newsletter, just a great heartfelt reply. I read it twice for a feelgood night. Hope to see more of your posts. SEMPER FI

    1. G Willard. Please help me out.What negative comment did I write? I was referring to a memory I had from Boot Camp! With a joke about Marines and Army and that I also had been to Hai-Van Pass! I think you are reading too much into some comments and I am speaking for myself. With that said, If I read something that does not seem true I will call that person out! Some disclosure, I have been a member of a PTSD group since 1995 and have heard some wild stories over the years. Some of these guys would come with fake DD-214 and were trying to get comp. You have no idea how many posers are out there and I AM a self proclaimed skeptic and doubter and make no apology for that . I have been lied to so many times that I can’t remember! Feel free to call me out and disagree. Maybe Grit should remove the Comment portion of the newsletter and then we could read all of the unfiltered BS without speaking out. Harry

    2. Is G from your first name or is it from middle name? Found one G Willard in PH database Glenn Willard USN WIA 1943 your name must have been left off buy mistake.

      1. Harry don’t let him brother you, when I read the email he posted earlier I had to refrain from answering back, I never heard of anyone who let their mos do the talking for them, except Navy Seals. I knew you wouldn’t( refrain). I am sorry if I say things that get you in trouble, he seems to lump what I say with you. One of my replies was going to be about awarding him a third purple heart, for breaking his arm patting himself on the back. I figured that might be out of line though I am just here to have fun, but I don’t have time the posers any more either.

        1. No worries Murray! It was not the content of his comments but more his confrontational attitude that got to me. I have a 14 year old Grand Daughter with less attitude,if you can believe that.I have been reading,writing and commenting on Grit since 2003 and, have gotten into some good back and forth conversations some pretty heavy at times. I’ll get over it, as will he. Harry

  5. Not one PH but two Harry, even the Silver Star DB is inaccurate, and more than one recipient PH in the family. If you’re looking at the listings on the Military Order of The Purple Heart (which are posted for a fee) you won’t find it; I don’t need to pay for what I know, anymore than I need a tattoo. As far as the Vietnam comment, I was alluding to the fact that a lot of us served in other theaters that were not declared conflicts. Yes, there is an inordinate amount of BS, but they’re not all lies anymore than yours and Murray’s. And you are dead on the money about PSD groups. PTSD since retirement, 100%. Now a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist serving fellow Veterans like us. Yes, I know; a far cry from Grunt, RECON, D.I. (Parris Island, 3rd Bn), and a NCOIC. After all those years, and especially as a Drill Instructor, I’ll take Doc at his word. This will be my final post on this. Upon posting, this newsletter will be deleted, and it will do no good to try to slide any further comments in under a future Newsletter post

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