Staff Sgt.

Back from Nam, I was standing a “junk on the bunk” inspection at HQCO 2dBN 2d ITR MCB Camp Pendleton. The Captain spent what seemed to be a long time staring at my rack. Finally he turns to me and says , Sergeant, that is one of the worst boot camp photos he had ever seen. Even though I only had a couple of weeks before my discharge, he wanted an updated ID card. Now at 77, losing my hair, I look more like my old boot camp photo. SSgt. Doug Nicoll

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One thought on “Staff Sgt.”

  1. Great story, Doug! Just curious, were you a troop handler at HQCO 2dBN 2d ITR MCB Camp Pendleton? Somewhat surprised that you would be standing JOB at a SSgt. Semper Fi!!!

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