Sucessful 2/5 Reunion

Sucessful 2/5 Reunion

Sgt. Grit,

First of all I need to thank Sgt. Grit and for all the help and donations for this fine event.

We’ve all heard the talk about the”10%” and I’ve found it to be true also. Only this time the 10%ers were the cream of crop. I contacted 230 Vietnam Veteran Marines and Corpsmen from the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines of the 1st Marine Division advising them of a reunion to be held in Las Vegas on August 25th-28th in the year 2009. Some were contacted by snail-mail, some by phone and nearly 1/2 by email. The overwhelming response was “H&ll yeah” , “It’s about time” and “I’ll be there. You can count on me”

When the dust settled from the economic fall out, and the date for the reunion arrived, 25 proud Marines and Corpsmen (See Picture) came to Vegas for a few days of back slappin and ghost chasin.

Thanks to “Capt. Jack” (Las Vegas Marine Corps League) provisions were procured for a great reception full of toasts to our brothers, picture swapin and story tellin. The banquet was opened with the presentation of colors and armed marching routine by 8 future Marines from Basic High School in Henderson NV. This award winning Jr. MCROTC unit’s presentation was one that all in attendance will not soon forget. The invocation given by Chaplin “One-Niner”, Richard Lippert was a fitting tribute to those present and also to our “Table of Honor” ( See Picture) for those who did not return or have since past away.

Our guest speaker (See Picture) for the nite was also in Nam with 2/5 as a communications officer. Lt. Van Hackett, who after his service spent a lifetime in the news broadcasting field, gave a stirring, thought provoking history lesson of 2/5 using a “40 Years Later” approach to the year 1969.

A Grit Donation table was set up at the rear of hall and all were told the only requirement to obtaining any item from the table was a monetary donation and they MUST take a Sgt. Grit Catalog. It was another nite of pictures, stories, handshakes and hugs as we parted ways until the next, yet to be announced, reunion takes place.

It IS true…we may not be as MEAN or LEAN, but we ARE all still Marines. (and Corpsmen too!!!)

The brotherhood lives on.

Semper Fi
Merle (Igor)

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