TET 68′

I was not there at the start of TET,I was still home on leave at the time getting ready to fly out for pre-deployment training.I was notified a couple days after that two of my friends from High School were killed on the first day.Both were draftees and in the Army. One was killed at Pleiku and the other some where farther south near Saigon.The reason I bring this up is the fact that my Mom went ballistic on me wanting me to go UA .My Dad just said “See what you have waiting for you!!” He always knew the war in Nam was BS I did’nt If I only knew then what I know now I would have made a different choiceWe were lied to about Vietnam Exposed to Agent Orange, I have two conditions associated to “The Orange” Lung Cancer being one.Quit smoking in 1970 Also diagnosed withPTSD in 1987 had it forever just did’nt know it Oh forgot to mention the cloroacne on my chest,back and groin after returning home in 69′ If I knew then what I Know now I would have never volunteered but, under the same conditions I would do the same thing I am proud of my service in the Marines! I just wish it would have been another place another time E 2/1 4 Mar 68- 22 Mar 69


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  1. Don’t feel bad I was a REAL idiot. I extended over there and was going to do it again when my wife said IF YOU EXTEND ONE MORE TIME I AM TAKING YOUR SON AND LEAVING. I HAVE WAITED 20 MONTHS ALREADY. Now I have had bladder cancer twice and can’t get a dime. Who was the bigger idiot???? The said part is I would have done it again only went and extended the second time. I was with some of the best people I EVER met in my life.

    1. Sgt Sisson, did you file an appeal yet? If not, I had better luck with the VA after I got some help from the American Legion (I went from 60 to 100%). When I went in for the CP exam, my wife came in with me and every time I started to withhold information or not admit to how bad things were, She would jump in to keep me honest with the doctor about what the cancer has done to me and the chronic pain. Some of us don’t want to face the fact that we can’t handle the pain or the changes Agent Orange has caused—hell—-the changes Viet Nam caused. Consider getting some help from DAV or Purple Heart, VFW, or American Legion with your appeal. I bet the VA counts on guys not following up with an appeal. I wish there was something I could do you help you—Good Luck Marine—give them hell.

      1. Yes the VFW has been helping me with this since 2009. Appeal after appeal. This latest letter says SERVICE CONNECTION HAS BEEN GRANTED 0%. Now we have to appeal again. Because some of the things I have wrong with me they say I don’t have. What is up with that. I’m not crying but that chemo screwed me all up the second time I had the cancer in 2014.

        1. Remember what we were told in Boot Camp, after you give it 100% then just take that more step everytime. Good luck with your appeal. I just had a thought and might as well let you hear it— my brother has gone through the same kind of hassle with the NY VA . He told me that he moved and went to a different VA Center and got the help he needed with none of the problems he had before. Maybe getting someone different to look at your medical records at a different VA Center—they might understand what you’re saying. I had the same experience going to a different center and got the help. Is that possible for you? Sometimes explaining your limits in numbers helps them to judge your difficulties—I can’t walk .10 of a mile without causing level 5 pain. I’m sorry for putting my nose in your business but when someone is treated unfairly—“it pisses me completely off” . i also believe in our Brotherhood of Marines.

          1. Thanks for the concern. My problems all deal with the Bladder cancer. I am waiting to see what the doctor wrote. From this paper the VA sent me I have half these problems. Get up 4 times or more every night to go to the bathroom, feel like I have to go and can’t. Can’t use urinal because I might be standing there 5-10 minutes. Might have to have cathater put in if cancer comes back, this is something I will have to learn to do myself. Having a bag attached to me.. . There is even more. I think the doctors are afraid to go up against the VA.

  2. Don’t second guess yourself. We were teenagers raised to unquestionably fulfill our civic duty to our country. I don’t think I have PTSD but my wife might disagree. I was lucky enough to rotate home 27 Sept 67 from S-2 HQ Co 1st Marine Regt. They went north to Hue in October. Came home with skin disorder and still have some. We walked through sprayed areas, showered in water pumped from the sprayed areas, drank water with iodine to clean it, etc. If we did the right thing after WW2 and gave Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh who helped us against the Japanese instead of siding with the French over 56,000 promising young people might still be alive and contributed to our great country. Semper Fi Marine

  3. Sorry for your suffering. Thank you for stepping up for your country. We are here for a short while and all suffering will come to an end.

  4. I enlisted at the end of 65, right out of High School, went to Vietnam 66-67 and have lived with PTSD since then. Being a Marine is “one of the things” I am most proud of in my life. Never went to the VA about my PTSD, diagnosed by private Doctor, I just learned to live with it. When it gets bad I just go into a room by myself and close the door and deal with it. It’s not easy but I just do it. Was married 3 times before I finally figured out what the problem was. I had a great job, made good money and raised 3 great kids. I served my country and I deal with the after effects of it as best I can. I’m very proud to have served my country as a Marine. I am very sorry for the pain and suffering that war caused so many but at this point all we can do is deal with it, like Marines. I hope the remainder of our lives will be as good and pain free as possible and to all of us posting on this site lets not forget,, God brought us home. Many weren’t so lucky. May God Bless All of My Brothers and Sisters. Semper Fi

    1. AMEN Brother sounds like you reading my mind. I have led a blessed life also. There were 3 times over there that I should have been taken out. I always thought someone up there was looking out for me. All my friends tell me I should go for PTSD but I never have either. SEMPER FI

  5. We were right to be in Nam. We had to stop the spread of Communism somewhere. I arrived in country early Feb. 1968 in the middle of Tet and left after Tet 1969. By July we had the war won and could have just mopped up the North if the politicians and Jane Fonda’s would have let us. When we left millions of Vietnamese were slaughtered. We lost 58,479 no one knows how many South Viet Nam lost. I’m proud of my service and carrying on the Marine tradition in my family. Semper Fi

    1. We will never know the exact death toll of the war.The death toll keeps on rising every day.and some of the deaths from suicides and agent orange related death are never reported as service connected deaths.For you out there that are not getting help or filling a claim you need to rethink it.Our government bleed us for all they could get I,m going to squeeze them for every nickle I can get.Some think ?I am gaming the system ! so be it Never asked for anything I did not think I deserved

  6. I want to thank all who were brave enough to enlist and serve. I am very proud to be an American because of all you do. People are great full for your help even if they don’t say so. God bless you all.

  7. i hide from my PTSD by the kind of work I did for over 30 years (Intensive Probation/Parole Officer) and when my two marriage die I didn’t care. I was better off without friends. They wouldn’t understand me or care anyways and the VA just wanted to screw with me so to hell with them. And then, Agent Orange cause prostate cancer and nerve damage and chronic pain and all kind of other problems. I think I know how you all might feel—I’m right there with you. Then, I was forced in to retirement due to disability and I met someone who wouldn’t walk out on me or quit —- Marines, there is a time in everyone’s life when you need to call up help so that you can keep on fighting and not let our friends be forgotten in our life time. The three proudest moments in my life is when: I became a Marine, I became a father, and was smart enough to marry my third wife. Semper Fi to our Brotherhood of Marines.

  8. Dit-oh brother!! Politicians not Generals pick the wars we fight! Poli-dick-shons sit on their brains back home and point. I cringe at what dickhead 45 will point at next. Hope MadDog gets his words in.

  9. Cpl. Keith settlements 1/7 first div. Marines Vietnam was a super mother f. Love all vets we need to be heard by the va. Else we get the out about how those who sacrifice are treated. It s just not right

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