TET 69 Secrets

It have been 50 years since the 69 Tet offensive and now i ca finaly tell the truth about my service in the Marines.It is now declassified. On Feb 1 1969 i just finished my scout sniper training at Stone Bay Camp Lajune and was home enjoying 20 day leave when I got a call to return to HQ 2nd Recon. Once I arrived I was sent right away to a secret location near Onslo Beach.The only thing we were told was that we were shipping out to an undiclosed location. We were all issued a M-21 sniper rifle and loaded onto cattlecars.The next stop was Cherry point airbase. We were loaded onto C-130 cargo planes and imediatly took off About 10hours later under the cover of darkness we landded at Danag airbase in South Veitnam and were loaded onto covered trucks but still did not know where we were going. Finaly we were at our destiation Hue city. We were told to lock and load and to set up firing positions aroundd the city andd to shoot anyboby tring to leave the city.We were ther for about a week and lost Marines and We were then sent back to Danag again under the cover of darkness and told to never speak about waht we did.All any body need to know was we were on a training mission and the guys we lost were just lost None of us got any medals or nothing. I think I need a drink.

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  1. Well, here we go again, get your facts right please. Or, as my DI would have said, “Quit overloading your pea sized brain with your alligator mouth.” Tet occurred in 1968, not 1969. I spent a career in the Corps and was twice assigned to Camp Lejeune and twice to Cherry Point, but never have I ever heard of any secret location at Onslow (not Onslo) Beach. Why would the Marine Corps even think about flying a supposed sniper from the east coast when the 1st and 3d Divisions were already in country. I really think they could have found sufficient snipers if really needed. The city in Vietnam is DaNang, not Danag. You really need to get out of your fantasy world, wise up and do something constructive with your life.

    1. I flew from MCAS, Cherry Point, NC in 1966 to DaNang on a C-141. It took us well over one whole day due to stops for refueling. He said about 10 hours on a C-130 from Cherry Point to DaNang. IMPOSSIBLE.

      1. That ten hour flight also struck me as bogus. Crap, it would take that long to get to CA from Cherry Point! I smell a rat here!

  2. I didn’t want to be first on this one, so I have been waiting for you guys to re-act. I think the things are so clearly impossible and so many, that the story was just written by someone to up set us. I laughed it’s funny.

    1. At the risk of being scolded by our new friend LOL! I agree, it is kinda funny. Believe drugs or alcohol were involved. Can not be taken seriously LOL Harry

      1. Really, I think they took them down to South America, (told them they were in Vietnam) and they were on a CIA mission to take over some area down there. Harry our friend might have wrote this. Just kidding. Think he just needed some one to rag on that day and we were the ones. Hope he is reading many feel good stories, and feeling good.

  3. If that C-130 had four jet engines fitted on it I still don’t think it would take just ten hours to fly to Da Nang. Let a USMC Air Wing Marine give us her or his opinion on this. I’m an old E 2/3, 3rd Mar. Div. 0311 RVN and not an expert on air capabilities.

    1. Heading back to Okinawa after emergency leave stateside, I thought I was lucky to catch a hop on a C130 out of El Toro. We flew the big arc loop to Elmendorf AFB, AK, then to Yokota, Japan and Iwakuni, then finally to MCAF Futima. I don’t remember the exact flight time, but it was about a day and a half after we left El Toro, One of my fondest memories was a sign when we landed at Elmendorf which said, “Welcome to Alaska, Don’t eat yellow snow!” My body was still shaking three days after I got back up to Camp Schwab. My hats off to all those air-dales that fly those thing all the time. We always called them TWA (Teeny Weeny Airlines), but the price was right so I really couldn’t complain.

    2. Fred, Semper Fi to you brother! I was a member of Fox 2/3 1964/1965 we rotated from Camp Pendleton 1/1 in Nov/1964 to Okinawa to become 2/3 and members of the 9th MEB. On April 10,1965 we made a beach landing on red beach-2 RVN stayed in country till Dec/1965 flew back to El Toro, CA. MCAS on Dec 23,1965 I still remember the 1st SGT saying “No Sweat Marines” we will have you processed with your new duty station and leave papers in 24 hrs or less. They handed out a wish list to make three choices for your next duty station. Coming from Camp Pendleton as a 0311, I chose MCRD San Diego CA. and Marine Barracks NS San Diego CA. and Marine Barracks NS Long Beach CA. The 1st SGT didn’t lie. I was home in Riverside CA on christmas eve, with a new duty station, MP Co. MCRD CA.

  4. So ”our Friend’s” crew of trained killer/killers, flying from CPNC to ”Danag” RVN, would’ve been in the air for 8050.2 Nautical miles at the C-130F’s best cruise rate of 292 Kts for a total of 27.6 hours aloft. This presumes a point-to-point flightplan, not the Great Circle route usually taken up the West Coast to Alaska, and down the Aleutians/Kurils to Japan. To run a flight of C-130s straight across the Pacific without stopping, would’ve need several tanker rendezvous. I guess it was worth it to send these secret squirrels on their super sniper mission to a fight a year later. Witnesses or spies on the regular route might’ve compromised OpSec, I suppose. I’ve been on a VMGR-252 hop from CPNC to MCAS Yuma, and we landed in Texas for refuelling, then had to layover at DMAFB, Tucson, for repairs, before finally running into Yuma. Took 2 days. CPL McGuinn, Brian [6635] VMA-513 Avionics 10/75 – 12/77.Semper Fi

    1. Way to go Brian. Took the words right out of my mouth. John B. MOS 6511 (AO) Danang AB 65′ 66′ VMF (AW) 312 AND VMF (AW) 235. When we rotated overseas in early ’65 headed for (then) NAS Atsugi Japan, we left El Toro in a 707. It was a 12 or 14 hour flight to Tokyo via the Great Circle Route.

      1. Hi John, A good friend of my Dad’s, John M Long USMCR [later LtCol] was a Dauntless pilot on Cactus with [then] VMSB-235. He had some hair raising stories about the pilots drinking torpedo fuel [195 proof alky] mixed with pineapple juice, in bomb trenches while the Japs cruised down the Slot and shelled Henderson at night. In the morning they sobered up with whiffs of oxygen before attacking. After a while they ran out of O2, and air ops were limited to angels ten. Great sea stories, I was ten but knew what my branch of service would be, even then. In the 1980s I got a VMFA-235 “Death Angels” patch and sent it to him, but he only said, “They’ve stolen my Squadron.” Semper Fi.

  5. All I can say my Fellow Marines is this guy is full of SHIT ! I spent my 4 year enlistment in the 1st and 2nd MAW. I flew many times on C- 130s with VMGRs 152,252,and 352. We never flew that far that fast. Semper Fi to all my Brother & Sister Marines.

  6. DON’T FORGET “under the cover of darkness” / “in covered trucks”… I’M WATCHING FOR SQUIRRELS IN THE TREES NOW… MUST HAVE STOPED IN PHU BI FOR LUNCH…

  7. I have to agree with the previous comments!! This guy can’t spell, doesn’t know the flight time a C130 would take from Cherry Point to Danang….doesn’t know the year of the Tet offensive…admittedly, the year before I enlisted in the Marines…But it was ALL over the news!! ………Snipers were in place in Vietnam Nam, stationed in Okinawa, Camp Pendleton……and Finally, WHY would their “Mission” be Top Secret!!

    1. I see you were in 1964-1968 same as me what months and P I or S D. I was with MCRD P I Plt 113 1st Bn Was called a Marine in Apr 1964. Semper Fi

  8. This story sure set my B.S. detector off after reading the first sentence. So many Posers out there. I’ve heard too many of these mythical stories over the years. I usually walk away without saying anything and just shake my head. Each time it gets harder. Mickey Blair HQ and Btry I Motor-T ’67 – ’68

  9. Does anyone feel like me? I feel like I just walked through this dickhead’s mind and I’m having a hard time scraping the bullshit off my boots. I have never thought it was okay for these pieces of crap to be allowed to walk correctly for the rest of their lives. But I think Mickey B. has the best plan, just walk away. I suggest the editors look more closely to incoming scripts.

  10. This moron HAD to be at Woodstock in 1969 and this story is his LSD trip on a Flying Carpet through the Purple Haze of Time. I wish these wanna be hero’s would find a real cause to pursue instead of pissing on the memory of the True Hero’s of the Vietnam War whose names are forever inscribed in the cold, hard, black granite in Washington, D.C. As a Vietnam Veteran and a Combat Marine I take it personally the attempts by these cowards to insert themselves into a brotherhood/sisterhood of Veterans who earned the respect they are trying to steal. Semper Fi and God Bless America.

  11. Roger that on the BS Scanner…I was a winger and it would take a C-130 almost that long to go from the point to El Toro back in the day..Don’t it make you mad when a low lift tries to act like a Marine on the back’s of us real Marines…

  12. Not buying it. No one stationed at Camp Lejeune or learned about Gen. John A. Lejeune would forget how to spell Lejeune, Onslow, or Danang. This guy is either a wannabe, guilty of Stolen Valor, or both.Already enough veteran snipers in country or at Pendleton or Okinawa to handle the task. We would never transport newbies when veterans are close and ready. Bet the guy is another one of those “Almost joined the Marine Corps”.

  13. Hue City was also from late January until early March of 1968. Not only is he a lying wannabe, but also poor in History or researching data.

  14. This story is very clearly BS so I won’t another comment but will once again ask that the Editor of this News Letter go back to the format that the real Sgt Grit used. It was much more user friendly. I still check it weekly but not with the excitement that I use to have.

  15. If the Harry and Herman show is out there, HANG THIS CLOWN! Took me a whole day to stop laughing. VEItnam? Danag? Onslo? Secret location? Where? Nothing but sand once you crossed the bridge. Good Lord. Think this guy fell asleep “sniping” squirrels in the woods after drinking a gallon of home brew, and this is what he came up with. About the only things he had right was there was an M21 Sniper rifle (modified M14 7.62mm) – but that was predominantly an Army weapon and possibly used by Carlos Hathcock’s “A” man, John Burke – and a Tet offensive in 1969, mostly focused around military installations around Danang and Saigon. That was what prompted Nixon to order the bombardment of PAVN and VC strongholds in Cambodia. Original Tet was in 1968, but there was indeed a Tet offensive launched by the PAVN and VC in Feb 1969 (see Tet 1969); I came out of that one with 2 AK hits, 2 Purple Hearts, and a stretcher ride back to Millington (Memphis) Tn.

    1. Still here G. Still think this is drug and alcohol related. Probably heard a story at some point and took it to another realm! Like Bill Jackson said, could even been heard at VA. I have heard some real whoppers there. What a sham. Harry

  16. Enough already, this idiot has been listening to other wannabees who make up various BS… should have checked at least some of his claims. 10 hours to DaNang , maybe by rocket. certainly not a C130… laughable….

  17. Never been able to understand why anyone would want to post such BS on a site that is loaded with Marines. Do they really think Marines are so naive as to fall for that crap?

  18. OK Marines This C-130 was using JATO Paks! That would have gotten him into the Gulf —-of Mexico!! OOPs remember what our DIs told us about using the word HIM? Him;Him —-Him!!

  19. Wow, this guy is still in “Alice in Wonderland.” Can only guess what he’s been smokin’. I got out of Nam in May 67 before the real stuff hit the fan during Tet. This guy never served in anything. Keep on smoking it dude!!

  20. We all know the “editor” deliberately picks one of these nutcase stories just to watch us jump up, turn the desk over, kick the dog, and look for somebody that needs a beatdown, right? LOLOLOL. Then SHE sits back and laughs ’til her face hurts. I LOVE IT! Anybody track the hits on these stories? I’d gamble this one wins.

  21. Hey G. Do you know the editor? How do you know editor is SHE? Just asking. There have been some other “Fantasy” tales that have gotten more response in the past. One was not that long ago.Check archives. Side note: M-21 was not used until early 75 by the Army. Hathcock and other sniper teams used the M-41.Not real sure but,I think it was a .308 or .270 Harry

    1. Not that it matters a lot but I just checked “Wiki” and,there was a version of the M-21 in late 60,s the XM-21. The Marines used the M-40 not M-41 and it was 7.62 Harry

  22. Any of you guys want to hear BS come too Wisconsin & I’ll introduce you to this POSer with the Legion, ( Officer both Chapter & District Level), CLAIMS a Marine LtCol came and selected him from the Navy when he was a Gunners Mate to go stand on the yellow footprints at CLNC to be Recon. Went to RVN @ 17 years old, lost 200 Recon Marines in one day? Wears the SS / BS / 6 PH’s / CAR & a host of other ribbons. When I did a FOIA on this Gomer he never served in the Corps & only had 10 months in the Navy before getting a General Discharge, clearly a “Project 100,000” enlistee. When I raised an issue “the leadership” of the Legion would not insist he stop his Stolen Valor game, they were afraid he would sue the Legion??? The District Vice Commanders exact words to me, I never renewed my membership & never will. Semper Fi

    1. Cpl Green, In 2009 there was a Stolen Valor claim at a VFW post near me.The commander of the Honor Guard and, I’ll try to make this short,made a motion that all members of the Guard could wear their ribbon stack and any other badges on their uniforms. When he showed up at a Memorial Day service he was wearing his and WOW! He had a Navy Seal “BUD”badge A Silver Star with a “V” (No such award) 2 Purple Heart Ribbons,one with a “V” (Again no such award) and 1 plain PH ribbon. Got called out real quick.Claims 1 PH was for combat and the other was for broken leg!! A review of his DD-214 showed all of these awards, problem was the 214 was a forgery. turns out he was former Coast Guard and used his Coast Guard 214 to claim Navy! The Dumb Ass didn’t realize that bottom left of his 214 was printed CG DD-214. There is a lot more to this story but, all I can say is he is no longer a member of the VFW

      1. Harry, I’m afraid these POSer’s are in EVERY Veterans organization, all across our great nation. At least the VFW got rid of that problem child, the Legion’s final decision was to transfer our problem child to a Post in a nearby town to keep him away from me, now he’s free too put back on all his decorations and put on his show there. The Legion’s leaders State & National were to gutless to handle the problem, I notified both, but no help.

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