The Boys of Quantico

Sgt. Grit,

Here is a poem that I wrote one night after having been contacted by some of my old OCS and TBS classmates (42nd OCC & TBS 4-67) who were planning our first reunion to clebrate the 40 year anniversary of our graduation. I read the poem at a memorial service at the Wall when we held our reunion at DC and Quantico in 2007 and have recited it at our subsequent reunions since then.

The poem was written as a tribute to those young men who had the honor to lead Marines in combat in Vietnam in 1967 – 1969 as junior officers, particularly for those who didn't make it back.

Semper Fi,

John Augustine

0802 E-2/11 RVN '68-69



From all across the country
They came to join the Corps.
They walked away from everything
Knowing not what was in store.

They pledged their lives & loyalty
For reasons only they would know.
God bless the men who joined back then,
The Boys of Quantico.

In '66 they came 500 strong
To find and follow their dreams.
Could they prove they had the stuff
To become an Officer of Marines?

Now some were born to money
While most were regular Joes.
They all faced the test of OCS,
The Boys of Quantico.

They came to test their mettle,
To march & fight & drill.
To push beyond their pain & fear
One clear goal, theirs to fulfill.

Thru sweat & blood they earned their Bar
And the greatest title one can bestow.
Known as "Marines" 'til Heaven's scenes,
The Boys of Quantico.

At TBS, in classrooms & in the field
For days & nights they trained, you see.
For their mission was to learn to lead
A platoon of Marine Corps infantry.

Their work was hard but each man knew
In the end, to war they would go.
They did their best at TBS,
The Boys of Quantico.

Soon orders came for all of them
To serve their tour in Vietnam.
They'd lead their troops to the fight
In Hue City, An Hoa & Khe Sahn.

They led & loved those in their charge
And bled & died fighting the foe.
One and all, they each stood tall,
The Boys of Quantico.

Most came home, though too many did not.
All served with honor to behold.
Some were wounded in the flesh,
But all were touched in the soul.

At home they worked to make a life,
To never forget times long ago.
They faced their fear & shed a tear,
The Boys of Quantico.

With years & years of living,
They come to meet again.
They'll laugh & cry with drinks held high
And they'll remember when

They served with pride and honor
For those who died so long ago.
God bless the men who served back then,
The Boys of Quantico.

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