The General and the Corporal

I served with The III MAF Drum and Bugle Corps from 12/66-6/68. We worked with the passification program, built bunkers, stood guard and did occasional sweeps around Danang.

One day, shortly after General (later Commandant) Robert E. Cushman had taken command of I Corps from Lew Walt, I had the distinction of having my ass chewed out personally by The General. By this time, I'd been in- country a while, been through a lot and thought I'd seen it all.

While I stood guard one afternoon, two men came strolling by. They were dressed in white tennis outfits and carrying rackets. I didn't recognise 'em. I'm thinkin' USO or something and glaring at them like they were hippys. Cushman is on me like stink on s**t. Then, hitching up his shorts, he turns to his friend and says,''You see, Bob; THIS is the kind of materiel we have to work with, now !!''. Over 40 years later, the scene is still vivid.  LOL!!   S/F     Dave Clark (Cpl., USMC)



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