The Hat From Hell

PI/67 Day 3
He had a Very Heavy Latin Accent, and appeared from out of nowhere.
“I Gon Kill One Of Jew Mudder Puckers An Noooooooo Baaaaaaady
Gon Kaaaaar.” On the nights he had the duty he would get us out the racks an hour or two before Reveille. It was Game time, mostly he would Quiz you on the School Hat lessons, You better get it Right. He clocked a TURD so HARD one night the TURD next to him PUKED. SEMPER FI, LADIES

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11 thoughts on “The Hat From Hell”

  1. If this was supposed to be any way shape or form of a positive message, them you need a serious brain and morale adjustment. What type of moron thinks this story has anything to do with being a Marine?
    Yes, I am Jewish and also a decorated Force Recon Marine who NEVER had an idiot make such a comment to my face or behind my back as my fellow marines would have gave him a physical adjustment that he would still remember today.
    I joined the Marines to pay back a debt to this great country for saving my father from the Nazi concentration camps. I served proudly and still display the USMC flag along with the American flag on my front lawn everyday.
    Semper Fi and Shalom

  2. I have read these Sgt Grit blogs for several years now but have never previously commented. I felt moved to comment here and now in order to prevent what I believe is a horrible and unfortunate misunderstanding.

    LENNY, I can certainly appreciate your ire and disdain, especially in light of your very personal story and reason for joining the Corps. HOWEVER, I believe that Stan’s story was quoting his drill instructor PHONETICALLY. So, when he wrote the word “Jew,” he was merely indicating that his DI was attempting to say the word “You,” but with a “very heavy Latin accent,” as Stan wrote at the beginning of his story. I do not know Stan personally, but I do not believe he (or his heavily accented drill instructor) was making a derogatory comment about people of the Jewish faith. Just my two cents.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Byron C.
    Captain, USMC (1802)

    1. Good going Byron C. I think you are correct. I had the same thoughts as Lenny when I first read the letter, but Byron made a good point. Think it over Lenny.

      Semper Fidelis,
      John B.
      Vietnam ’65/’66

    2. I do think that you are correct Capt. That is the same way that I understood it to be but, everyone is so sensitive these days we have to be careful how things are phrased. Had an instructor that always used”Ambility” instead of “Ability” Nick 0311

    3. Exactly what I thought Capt. Florida is well populated with the Hispanic culture and sometimes, when they’re struggling to learn the incredibly difficult English (and it is) language, they will do that.

  3. OK, I think that the problem lies with capitalizing every word in the quote. If Jew, and the other words, was not capitalized, it would be easier to accept the “Very Heavy Latin Accent”. It would certainly be a non-issue if he had spelled it “joo”!
    So, now we can debate the stereotyping of Latin accents!
    Semper fidelis to ALL Marines!

  4. Lenny
    Come on we are all Marines here telling stories.
    Why do you need to put down another Marine?
    You sound like some sort of snowflake.
    Semper Fi
    68′ Cpl.

  5. That we all can identify that it is an “accent” and not anything from our old neighborhoods is saying something for Stan…Lenny, if you have never been around Hispanic people that use English as a second language…you are really missing something…I live in Florida and the Latin Linguastis that I know normally can and do speak English a lot better than any of my Espanol … and for the most part … with an American Diphthong… all you have to do is wait until you get the rhythm and get the pass the accent…and you might just want to start moving you feet to the beat…and this is just for those who haven’t gone to boot camp……D O N’ T D O T H A T…..!!!!!!!!!!! A sense of humor is not one of the items in the 782 bucket…if it ain’t there.. DI’s don’t have one….

  6. Jeez marines in spring of 68 at SD our drill instructors went out of their way to offend and rip us all apart as to whether we were even worthy of being called human beings. If someone was offended they were doing their jobs to knock the civilian BS out of our young gourds, I was 18, scared spitless most days of these crazy people who were in charge of my every moment. I do not recall anyone worried about me being offended, they were busy turning us into Marines and to face much more tough times ahead. Besides verbal it was also physical lessons being handed to us. It wasn’t Air Force Boot Camp it was the Marines. I have at times have joked to friends saying “I joined the Corps back then for sensitivity lessons” . In Stans story I also believe it was the word you being said with a latin spin not using the word Jew. If it did so what its 52 years later for me and our DIs called Indians, Blacks, Latins, Whites, Catholics, Protestants whatever they felt like calling us and of course alot was said with Mother only being half of a word in every other sentence. Mine had a sense of humor and we got in trouble for any type of laughing, they strung obscenities together like I never heard before growing up on the South side of Chicago. By the way I hope you 60’s guys recall if we used the term “you”,to any DI we got ripped/harmed and asked questions about female sheep and more. Female sheep talk was real not just some movie BS. Ah screw it I’m rambling, at 71 it happens sometimes. 10 weeks of wondering what I had gotten myself into and will I ever get through this Charlie Foxtrot without being “setback” Yes, graduated 6/5/68, then on to the running O’s, Oscar Co at Pendleton, another time as to my next 3.5 yrs Semper Fi enjoy everyday guys, Oly Olson Sgt 3/68-1/72

    1. That was THEN , but we judge the past using the present! not fair to judge that way. Times were different. NEVER use YOU! when speaking to the DI!

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