The Right Thing….Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce, You Never Leave The Brotherhood

Just a short note as an FYI. I am with a Marine Captain and his wife in Palm Coast Florida. It is a little bit of a story, but he has a heart procedure on Monday Morning in Daytona beach, then again, they just evacuated the hospital there. I drove in from Pensacola two days ago to help them out. We had been visiting a Marine Colonel Fighter pilot and his wife in Piney Flats, Tennessee.

The hurricane is heading right towards us and should be here sometime tomorrow afternoon. We have secured the house as best we could. We picked up supplies, are using the freezer to make ice, and we have booze. Our ladies are real troopers, they had the chance to leave but of course, Angela would not leave “Crunch” and Terry, as nervous as she is, would not leave me. Crunch is an interesting Marine. Google “Heroes Under Fire, Captain Crunch” from the History Channel. There are “A Few Good Men”

In the a.m. clean the tub, fill it with water, put our luggage in green garbage bags and put it on the highest things in the house as I plan on leaving Sunday to get to Orlando and fly home Monday morning…come hell or high water. I have many friends that are Marines and have had he good fortune of seeing them again on this trip. Terry and I could have left, but hey, when I grew up, I did not have a safe room when someone said stuff I didn’t like.

It is a great thing for all of us, after all these years, “I got his six”and we will all get thru this together. Their house may be gone,there possessions lost, but we will get thru this as a team…Marines….the cell is giving us alerts every half hour and the inland mile of coast has been ordered to evacuate. After the passage, the worry will be protecting property. Two Marines, guns and ammo, water and food and two good women, Chesty would love it that we, after all these years still take care of each other. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

–Gerry A. Flowers

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  1. nothing like our members of mother green, no matter what our age is, i am 82 and still helping my fellow marines young or old if they need my help. SEMPER FI

  2. Who ever the whiz kid is that sold you on this format ain’t never been there or done that. Listen to your customers!!!! Fire the whiz kid and get back to the format your customers want. If it ain’t fucking broke don’t try to fucking fix it.

  3. I am in the minority again. I stand 4 square behind the new format for the newsletter. ADAPT, Improvise and Overcome.

  4. Gotta back my brothers, please go back to the old format. Awesome story of the Marine Coros brotherhood in action…..WE RRALLY DO HAVE EACH OTHERS SIX!

  5. What they all said……go back to da way it wuz…..Were too old and grumpy for new poop.

  6. New format is as bad as Camp Lejeune’s water was…

  7. Charlie Baker L/Cpl. RVN 1967/1969 For goodness sakes, I’m so lost with this format that I now own two new cars, one new house and three girl friends. Now the girls aren’t bad but the wife says that the new cars and house are to much. So please go back to the old format.

  8. A Newsletter with only 3 stories and a barrage of sales e-mail’s over past couple of weeks, something is up. Well, from what I have been able to suss out, Don (Sgt Grit) has retired. Evidently sold his store in OK and has contracted with a company in Ark. to answer phones and fill orders. Sgt Grit is still in charge, but part time now working from home. He’s earned his retirement, Thanks for all the good memories and USMC products over the years. We’ll just have to get use to the changes or not. Semper Fi Sgt. Grit.

  9. ….go back to the old format….this new company who purchased Sgt. Grit is ruining the Company with all the changes….they’re now trying to sell weapon accessories and other additions instead of focusing on the Marine Corp clothes, t-shirts, etc…..they’re even doing away with items for the Corpsman …..this if phuc%@#ed up….sure hated it when Grit was sold to a non Marine….

  10. Sgt. Grit was sold? I missed that, too. Just like I miss the old format. I’m with you guys. Go back to the previous format. New stuff is NOT necessarily the best.

  11. Like everything else in this world things that are working are never “improved’ just screwed up. Go back to the old format, and the same applies to our beloved Corps, go back to boot camp without the political correctness.

  12. and if Grit was sold to a non Marine so much for shopping and spending my hard earned retirement here.

  13. Me, I think I will hang it up. Don’t like this format, don’t like buying Marine gear from a doggie.

  14. Sold to a dog face? Absolutely hate the new format and will never buy from “Sgt Grit” again. Bad move Marine. I’m outta here. Semper Fi Fidelis Ad Mortem

  15. I have to agree with the vast majority. I don’t like the new format.
    The old format flowed smoothly, going from one sea story to the next, like an open forum—or perhaps more like an open barracks. With the new format, the option of being able to post a comment after each article is great, but literally all the closeness and the camaraderie has been lost.
    The old format was like some Marines sitting around in a large, open barracks after evening chow, the bullshitting and sea stories, real or imagined, flowing freely, one right after another. It was like being able to “see and hear” everyone and what they had to day. Each week, I felt like I had returned to a crowd of old Marine buddies. Certainly nothing at all formal, we all just grabbed a mug of brew or coffee, pulled out someone’s foot locker to park your ass on and ‘watch and listen’ as the art of bullshitting began.
    The new format is like being out in the boondocks in pup tents; the entire Company is still there like they were in the barracks (old format) but we’re all separated; all hands are still accounted for but you can’t “see” or “mentally interact” with anyone. When you decided on the new format to “click on each story” to read it, you sacrificed all the flow, the continuity and the camaraderie for the option of being “compartmentalized”, i.e., you read down the list of article titles and click on the one you want to read. The same way “Sunset”, “Golf” and “Fly Fishing” magazines do it.
    This new format might be ideal if you are doing short bios on people or on a product where you can click on the “learn more” if you’re interested. This a good way to go if you’re reading through “Who’s Who” or “Mechanics Illustrated”; where you can finish reading further information on an engine overhaul or how Dillard Creach won the race for mayor in Horsebiscuit, Texas by one vote.
    But the readers are all Marines (well, the vast majority I’m sure are) and your old format of the newsletter succeeded in capturing or containing the hearts, minds and souls of all Marines, from the adolescent who just finished boot camp to the old Sergeant Major who was forced to retire after 45 years. The old format was simple; it flowed easily.
    The only new addition to the new format that is a great idea is the option to post a comment in response to the article you just read. If you returned to the old format with the addition of a “post a comment” option plus you could also add the ability to post a photo or two, maybe something like Facebook does. Without even asking, I’m willing to bet there are thousands of Marines out there with more thousands of old photos in albums or shoeboxes they’d love to share, and the rest of us would love to see.
    To summarize, I seriously hope you will consider returning to the old format to regain the flow, continuity and camaraderie that sadly has been sacrificed in the name of “upgrading to a newer and ‘snappier’ format”.
    I cannot explain just exactly how ‘flow, continuity and camaraderie’ could be in any newsletter, but your newsletter certainly had it. It was there, the smooth flow, continuity and camaraderie, the “Semper Fi”, in one big open room, oozing from every paragraph and every comment.
    This new format, while ‘handy’, ‘easy to use’, ‘looks sharp’ and perhaps conserved space…I don’t know. All I do know is the new format fatally wounded and/or destroyed every last bit of ‘Semper Fi’ that you had in the old format.
    Please, please consider returning to the old format!

  16. Crap! I just learned that Grit sold to a stinking “Bug ? Out Charlie Dogface” Sure glad I found out before calling my planned order. I’m vacating the objective on you just like “doggies” did us MARINES so many times in Korea 50-51 and Vietnam 65-66, 68-69. Out!

  17. The old format flowed like a quiet stream on a sunny day, the new format makes you feel like ricoshay rabbit, you’re bouncing all over the place. Please bring back the old format, don’t ruin a good thing. Ziggy, Cpl. U.S.M.C, 1962-68 Viet Nam Vet.

  18. I agree with the previous comments regarding format. I will not denigrate the other services. Jan ’62 3/9 went for ‘cold weather training’ up near Korean DMZ. A really violent north Pacific storm blew in, troop ship rolled from hand rail to keel, almost everyone on board stayed green for days. There were ‘safety lines’ around main deck to which the daring few could tie down. Being a permanent Pfc. I was among the fortunate few w/out any sickness problems. Only part of ship I didn’t explore was ‘Officer Country’. On shore supplies ran out and no way to get in. Korean villagers had cleaned out the ‘C ration cans’. Chow & smokes were gone, 0 degree temps, only thing to do was hunker down in our pup tents & pull guard duty. Helped us realize how bad ’51 & ’52 must have been. When we got back we went to new digs at Camp Hansen. Semper Fi L-3-9

  19. I must agree that the new format is not nearly as good as the old. I am also saddened to hear that it was sold. Was it ever offered up for sale to the readers? I think there may have been faithful MARINES out there that would have loved to be the owners. After many years as a customer I feel a bit betrayed.

  20. i also liked the old format. The new format is just a bit too much for old Marines like me. I will wait a few months to see if I like the new owners and their way of doing things. A bit of advice – don’t mess with what works, or your clientele will drop. Negotiations are finished. An old Marine grunt from Nam.

  21. I for one, am out. I may check in once and a while to see if this site has improved. I do like the comment part where we can connect to Marines from our era. A 100% Marine site owned by other than a Marine just does not work. Try as you might, Marines are different and only Marines understand that. Type font way too SMALL!!! Chuck

  22. To Sgt. Grit: Thank you for the many enjoyable years of hearing about other Marines. I would look forward to Thursdays to hear the stories. Occasionally, I would order some Marine related gear. I’m requesting that the real, Sgt. Grit, write us a note telling us the real scuttlebutt about what has happened to the Sgt. Grit we all loved. Maybe you have already done it but I missed it so, could you please give it another shot. Thanks!!!

  23. what happened to the people that worked at place? hope they were able to find jobs? don’t like the new format either, few stories and that’s it?

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