The salute…loss of words.

02:25 11OCT21
While on duty at MCRD Paris Island…I was passing a young boot in the chow line outside…after inspecting the mess hall. He immediately snapped to…as he shouted out “attention!” So far, so good I observed…until I was confronted by the figure of the boot in a “double-handed” salute. Exasperated and puzzled after returning his salute, I got down to the bottom of his behavior expeditiously! His equally expeditious reply: “Sir, I know a two bar Lieutenant when I see one, Sir”…left me pretty much speechless…and at a loss for words. A direct order to drop and give me twenty push-ups (remedial training), was about all I could get out…after informing him that my collar insignia was that of a “Captain” of Marines. “Railroad tracks” maybe…but NEVER a “two bar Lieutenant!” His D.I. looked me up later during my OOD tour of duty…it was a very informative exchange of information and “laughter was the best medicine” to close out our very interesting experiences of the day!
“Good night Chesty”… wherever you are! Semper Fi

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8 thoughts on “The salute…loss of words.”

  1. After purchasing a new pisscutter at the base px in Millington, Tennessee I crossed paths with a 2nd Lt. He opened the glass door for me as l was leaving the px. ( me, a pvt!) Not only that, but he cuts me a salute! So I return his salute and I’m perplexed, walking away. I then hear him say “Marine – stop!” He points to my pisscutter and exclaims “what is that?” I remove my cover and lo and behold, tha little rectangular price tag is right where the rank insignia should be! He thought that I was a Captain! Outranking him! He said carry on and did an about face and smartly entered the px! Ha! Ha!

  2. ????!!!!! “Two bar lieutenant” ????!!!! Now THAT’S funny!!! I have one for you: One day in Japan, (or was it Korea???), our SgtMaj had an all hands on deck to have a little chat with us about leaving our stoves / heaters going in our tents with no one to watch them because it was a fire hazard. So what happens next? The SgtMaj sets HIS personal, little, tent on fire doing the EXACT, SAME, THING! And NO. We did NOT let him live it down. Lucky for us, he was a pretty mellow SgtMaj. But then, (I’ll admit it), the air wing is more mellow to start with. ….Kinda has to be because of the horrendous hours that we work. We also had a Marine who was 6’4″ who knocked himself out not once, but twice, by stepping up on the ramp, and smacking his head on the aft transmission on our CH-46’s. LOL…he also used to have trouble with the open hatches onboard ships, too. LOL…there are other stories about him, too. MAN ALIVE!!!!…do I ever miss the hijinks in the military!!!!

  3. After 5 days of liberty in subic Bay a random drug test was taken aboard ship. Needless to say “EVERYONE WAS SHITTING BRICKS!”Our corpsman who was out with us in the ville partying during liberty felt our trepidation as we were all worried. But as the only squid we considered brother he said not to worry! He’s got our backs! Whaat?! Our pee samples were done and we’re waiting (anxiously) for results. Than word came down to forget about the drug test!! The reason being that the Sgt. Majors pee analysis came back positive for pot! Well than our sgt major stated he does not do pot so the drug test must be faulty! And to disregard the drug test! Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and elevated our corpsman to to divine status! He switched his pee sample with the sgt.majors!! ANCHORS AWAY! OOHRAHH!

  4. Good story Skipper, I’m reminded of the time I saluted a Navy Chief 2 weeks into boot at PI while on my way to the dentist……dah! After a few hours it sunk in why he didn’t salute me back…, I was the biggest boot of all of boot. 🙂
    BTW, what’s with the need of the correct spelling!

    Semper FI

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