The Title

I am so proud of my father
I am the son of a Marine
He was no ordinary man
He would enlist at seventeen
His father gave in saying, “they won’t take him.”
To Parris Island he went where the pain would begin.
Marine Corps DI’s are the heart of the Corps
Turning men from nothing into so much more!
My dad would remind me over the years
This transformation came from blood, sweat, and tears.
So off to a foreign land thousand miles away
He would brave sub-zero weather and make the communist pay.
These 1st Division Marines would fight insurmountable odds,
Delivering defeat to the Chinese with the protection from God.
As I sat on my footlocker in a squad bay at P.I.
I now understood why Marines are so willing to die.
Marines are the protection, created by our Lord
To secure American safety she could never afford.
I love my country so proud to be a Marine
No greater honor I accomplished my dream.
February 1st can’t come too fast
As my own son’s dream will arrive at last.
Casey will carry on the family tradition
Serving our country with no guarantees or conditions.
He will be a U.S. Marine, the world’s greatest warrior
Committing his life just like those before him.
One fact is certain before our lives are final
As Marines there is no doubt, we earned the title!
Written by Casey Shattuck 1/2/2013
USMC 1979-1985

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