the way marines support one another is inspiring stuff

i come from a long line of marines and am proud to announce my daughter jillian has enlisted into the Corps. jillian has worked for me for the last few years at alpco recycling doing a dirty job while attending college full time. our customers absolutely love her and have been very supportive of her enlisting; many of our customers are veteran marines. today a customer named bill (vietnam vet) comes into alpco with "a present for jill" he gives jill a token he got from a guy….who got it from a guy….  turns out as bill tells the story, this token was purchased in hawaii Dec 4, 1941 by a marine who carried it all through ww2…  that marine passed it to another marine who carried it through korea… that marine passed it to bill who carried it from 1969 to 1975…  and bill has in turn passed it to jillian wishing her good luck in her endeavors…jillian swore to bill she would pass it to another marine someday…  i was beyond words that a customer who has an aquaintance kinda friendship at best with my daughter would pass on something that personally valuable …it was a truly heartwarming moment that i felt a need to share with others

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