Tiger Spirit

I was in a special unit created from SIGINT personnel at Camp Geiger, 1964-66. The Navy trained many of us at Pensacola, but did not have billets at duty stations. So we were sent to Geiger across the street from recon.

Since there were no NCO's or officers in our MOS, we inherited some from infantry. They did not know what we did and did their best o manage us, I am sure.

The salty Battalion Sergeant drilled us, inspected us, marched us and lectured us, per infantry standards. We did daily duty at the motor pool on our vehicles in the Comm section.

All of us had TSC crypto clearances. I think that made the grunt leaders a bit jealous and vindictive, at times. Our old MOS's were 2571, 2573 etc., similar to current 02. We had to learn 2531 & 2533 while at LeJeune, or the new 06.

One day, the Sergeant made clear his goals to tranform us into real Marines. That evening, when he approached his Buick to go home, he noticed a small pile of sugar on the ground near the tank fillup.

You can guess what happened next. All shore leave and weekends were cancelled for weeks. We had the shiniest urinals and commodes anywhere. Our HQ was spotless, our bunks bounced quarters, and clothes crinkled when we walked.

However, he began to address us with more respect after that. It was said that the tiger in his tank had a sweet tooth. But they were all good men and we served the best we were allowed.

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