TIme with the grunts

As a new 2nd Lt with the 12th Marines at Mt Fuji, I was assigned to an infantry company as an forward observer. I asked my senior Lts in the battery what should I being doing with the grunts. They told me just to stay close to the Captain and he will let you know what he wants. I stayed with the captain for about 5 miles into a hike when he turned to me and asked “Lt where are we “? My answer was “I don’t know I am following you”. After that I always knew where we were…….

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10 thoughts on “TIme with the grunts”

  1. 2nd Lts are not required nor expected to know where they are,where they are going or where they have been! Ask the Gunny!

    1. On Mount Fugi in desert camo here’s another acronym for ya – AFUBAR
      Compliments to your photo shopper. Can he squeeze in the pyramids next to old Smokey?

  2. SFMF meaning. I remember FMF is Fleet Marine Force. Is SFMS abbreviation for SEMPER FI MOTHER F%%K^R. Many thanks. Robert USMC 1976-79.

  3. As a 0849 in Vietnam in 1966-1967 I served as a NGF Spotter with 1/7 , 1/5 and 1st Recon Bn. both 1/7 and 1/5 were constantly asking me where we were. At first I thought they were checking me out but I eventually learned they depended on me for an accurate position report. They must of had artillery folks as instructors at the Basic School.

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