Top 10 Marine Corps Stories of 2013

2013 is coming to an end and we would like to share our 10 most popular stories for 2013. We are thankful for all of the stories, tattoos and more that our customers send us. We hope you enjoy reading these stories.

We'll be highlighting our top 10 tattoos soon, so keep your eyes out for them here.

  1. American Flag Poem – I Am The Flag
  2. The Woman Marine Pilot
  3. Mark of the Beast
  4. Marine Corps Humor Difference In The Military
  5. Ooh-Rah
  6. To Prevent Media Bias
  7. Why We Love Our Military
  8. Marine Corps 11 General Orders
  9. Remembering Your Favorite Boot Camp Lines
  10. Marine Corps Terms, Slang, and Other Sayings

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