Top 10 reasons you know you’re the daughter of a Marine when…

This Top Ten was written entirely by my two young daughters about 0-dark 30 about half way from Rockford IL to Lincoln NE in '03 or '04. My daughters were probably 9 and 16 at the time of writing this. ENJOY !    As indicated in the attachment, this was written several years ago by my 2 young daughters while on a road trip. 99% was made up by them with only minor assistance on my part, they didn't know how to spell SSGT Barron. Have fun, hope you enjoy it! I hope that this brings back a few memories, a smile and a few laughs to you and your readers.

Bob C. Hookham
Cpl USMC '81-'85

Top 10 reasons you know you’re the daughter of a Marine when…
1. You’re the only civilian on your block who can sing the “Marines Hymn” by heart.
2. Your dad reminds your date that he has multiple medals for sharp-shooting.
3. You lived in over 3 countries during the first six years of your life.
4. You’re the only four-year-old in your daycare who can read a real clock. (A military clock)
5. You’re the only ten-year-old in your grade who can give the correct Zulu time for all of the 24 time zones.
6. You know what Semper Fi really means.
7. It means 'Always Faithful'.
8. “Navy” and “Army” are both four letter words around your dad.
9. You were never allowed to watch Popeye or Donald Duck as a child.
10. You have learned over the years that it is not the Marines who are dispatched last, but the Navy.
11. When your four-year-old sister is not allowed to sing “In the Navy” or “In the Army now.”
12. You can spell “OOrahh!”
13. You know what the phonetic alphabet is.
14. You can recite the phonetic alphabet forwards and backwards.
15. Your dad’s Chevy truck lacks a Chevy insignia because it was replaced by an eagle, globe and anchor.
16. Although not required, you still know all seven steps of the firing cycle of the M16A2.
17. You have nightmares about, “Yellow footprints” ?
18. All the males in your family from birth and up wear high and tights.
19. You’ve memorized the entire history of the USMC from 1775 to the present day.
20. 'Maggot' is a term of endearment.
21. When the other children on the block say that their dads don’t have 2 birthdays you look at them as if they were from Mars.
22. Table Manners?
23. M16 is not a gun. It is a shoulder-fired, magazine-fed, full-auto, air-cooled weapon.
24. Whenever you watch a war movie, you spend half the time correcting the mistakes.
25. Yes I do know what time zero-dark-30 is!
26. Instead of summer camp, you get boot-camp!
27. Instead of playing with baby-dolls, you played with GI-Joe. (Who incidentally is a Marine)
28. You can tell what country the kid in the barracks next door is from by the way his dad salutes.
29. You know every minute detail about each of your dad’s service ribbons.
30. You learned that Marines don’t wear hats.
31. The mantle above you fireplace is cluttered with ceremonial burial flags and the service graduation pictures that go with them.
32. You know the words to “Taps”.
33. Even your dog is a Marine. (His name is Chesty.)
34. You’re reminded on a regular basis, who your dad’s senior drill instructor was. (My dad’s was Sr Drill Instructor SSGT Barron.)
35. Your bird can whistle the “Marines Hymn” as well as “The Star Spangled Banner”.
36. “The Jingle Bell Dogs” don’t hold a candle to the neighborhood hounds that can bark out 'The Marines Hymn'.
37. Your dad’s alarm clock plays Reveille.
38. You, your brothers, your sisters and mother all address your father as “Sir.”
39. You have a full set of clothing in either forest green or dessert camouflage. (Bonus if you have both!)
40. You will be cast out and shunned by the family if you date a member of a SEAL or a DELTA FORCE team.
41. Your first step every morning is with your left foot.
42. In the cheesy war movie, you cried for hours when the obscure Marine in the background was shot and killed.
43. You address all your best friends by their last names.
44. In school, you always finished your answer to your teacher with “Sir, Yes Sir!”
45. The Mens room says 'Marines' and the women’s room says 'WMs.'
46. You know the name and rank of everyone in your local Marine Corps League.
47. You were nine years old before you realized that your dad did not in fact have 196,000 brothers.
48. Your faith in the president was re-affirmed when he sent in the marines to “Fix everything” on the movie Armageddon.
49. “In God we Trust” must answer with appropriate password when challenged.
50. Your family reunion is more like a unit reunion.
51. Your dad’s “Marines parking only” sign means Marines only.
52. KIA is not a car!
53. Your computer’s sound effects mimic your dad’s drill instructor.
54. In stead of “Hush Little Baby”, you were sung “I Don’t know, but I’ve been Told…”
55. While your friends dreamed about getting married in a frilly white gown to that wimpy little prince charming, you fantasized about getting wed in your dress blues gown to a battle-scarred Marine.
56. “A hummer” Is not someone who doesn’t know the words to a song.
57. Your prom date checked out a Humvee from his dad’s motor pool instead of renting a limousine.
58. “The Rock” is not Alcatraz .
59. You know how to subdue a fresh date, 28 different ways.
60. You know how to convert miles to clicks.
61. “Sight alignment” and “Sight pictured” is not just for cameras.
62. Your favorite cookbook is “256 ways to cook M.R.E.’s”
63. Thanksgiving dinner is made entirely out of M.R.E.’s.
64. K-bar is not the local pub.

65. On Nov 10th you bake birthday cookies for the local Marine Corp League.
66. When you turned 16, you learned to drive a tank.
67. Every night, you fall asleep at attention.
68. When your little sister sees a guy with an Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattooed on his shoulder and she shouts “Look Chelsey! He’s a Marine!”
69. When you go to make a “Top 10 Reasons you know you’re the daughter of a Marine when…” and you end up with 69 reasons!

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