Twas the day before Christmas



While forward deployed to Naples, Italy we (1st FAST Co. 3rd Platoon) were assigned to re-inforce a Naval installation in Gaeta Italy during Christmas & New Years 2000-2001. Half of the platoon were guarding the USS LaSalle while docked and the other half of us set up a reinforced perimeter on the small Naval base. During our time there, a number of us contributed to writing a ridiculous poem about Santa trying to get onto the base without his I.D.

I uploaded the poem to youtube a couple of years ago, so that it was accessable to some of the guys I served with. Every year before Christmas I put it on facebook to help us remember the good times.

It is a slideshow type video with my voice narrarating the poem we wrote. I'm writing you because I'd like to expand the circulation of the poem to all Marines so they can enjoy it. As for every unit, there were specific acronyms and call signs for different purposes, that I wrote a description for so that "outsiders" whether it be civilians, etc, can still enjoy the poem.

The body of the poem contains many "common" problems that we had while we were there, that other Marines on similar missions may have experienced… Murphy's Law always seems to pertain to any like situation!

I attached the poem written in text, if you would like to share it on your page, and or, can put a link to the youtube page as well.

I hope you like it. I'd appreciate any feed back or help you can provide after reviewing it, and hopefully you choose to share it with the amazing Sgt. Grit community!


Sgt. Colborn

USMC 1998-2002

(I hope to be able to share this with the Marine community, but also would like to make sure that the content is given credit as it is due. It has been copy written to help prevent plagerism and wrongful credit to posers. The credit should be: "Written by 1st FAST Co. 3rd Plt. 1999-2000" Edited by Chris Colborn)

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