Two black eye’s

First night at MCRD San Diego. We were all upstairs in a circle, had just stripped down and boxed all our cloths to send home. The marine who was giving us orders had just informed us that our drill instructor was about to enter the room. He told us to look at the floor and not look up and our eyes were not to see his. Well when G/Sgt. C. M. Renfrow walked by me I had to look. I do remember what happened next!!! I caught a clip board right between the eye’s, woke up the next morning with two black eye’s. Semper Fi 66-69

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7 thoughts on “Two black eye’s”

  1. Interesting memory. I survived that moment in time without issue. However, with our platoon standing at attention one day, around noon, I had a sand flea knawing on my neck. I tried to resist but finally gave in to the need to extract the critter from my neck. The DI was standing right in front of me with his back to me. With the sun directly overhead, I felt sure that my move toward destroying the flea would remain unnoticed. Keeping my hand and arm against my body, I slid my hand upward, scraped the flea from my neck, and dropped my hand immediately to my side to return to “Attention”. I awoke a few minutes later with the DI standing over me assuring me that if I ever harmed another one of his pet fleas again and violated the order of ATTENTION, that I would find myself in a body bag. I believed him. I never crossed that path of rebellion again and graduated with honors from boot. Semper Fidelis.

  2. Obviously you Marines were never in one of my platoons when I was a D.I. at P. I. We never thumped recruits….and if you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property in Nevada to sell you. LOLOL
    Semper Fi!

  3. Upstairs in a circle? We were in a big room after haircuts, showers and clothing issue, then boxing up our stuff to send home. Don’t remember any upstairs place

  4. I felt pretty safe from physical harm in boot camp because of media attention on recruit abuse. This was in 1980. Also a recruit in my platoon was a congressmans son! Nonetheless they instilled fear in me! And we were punished for a recruits failings. We took matters into our own hands with a blanket party in the middle of the nite. I have to say the recruit never said a word about it and our drill instructor new exactly what transpired as the recruit woke up gingerly and was the last out of the rack. Tough love! Marines take care of their own! SEMPER FI!

  5. Oh yea. Your Gunny was a Staff Sgt. when I went through in 1966. He caught me in the s—— early one morning before reveille. I’ll never forget the man. I’m sure he saw me leave the quansett hut and figured I was going rabbit. Probably relieved to find me there. No pun intended. SEMPER FI. 66-70

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