Marine Monday’s

Monday’s tend to be the most disliked day of the week among most adults. It signifies that the weekend has ended and work week is about to begin. That is why Sgt Grit has decided to give you a MOTO-vational reason to look forward to Monday’s with our FREE GIVEAWAY “Marine Monday’s”. We will giveaway T-shirts, Coins, KA-BARs, Knives, Hats & Caps, Auto Accessories, and MORE! read more

Beirut Circa 1982-1983

Attached are three more photos circa 1982-83. The top photo is one of (left to right) Narvel Don Hesson, me, and Tim Wheeler getting ready to link up to one of the “Rock” squads for an evening patrol. “Rocks or Rock-heads” is the slang term that we slapped on the 0311s and was used by the 0331s, 0341s and 0351s. read more

Vintage 1970’s USMC Commercial

A vintage commercial encouraging young men to join the Marine Corps Reserves in the 1970’s is making the rounds, and it’s awesome.

I’ve been out for a little over a year, and every few months, I get a call from a prior-service recruiter trying to lure me into the Marine Corps reserves. Their offers of getting paid for only working one weekend a month just weren’t enough to woo me back into a military regulation haircut. read more