The Day We Were Born

How many of us can remember the day we were born? The actual day I mean. I can with crystal clarity. Tomorrow, 30 June 2016, is my 50th birthday and I remember every detail of the occasion. I was born into the loving arms of my new family members and the legendary yellow footprints at MCRD Parris Island. Oh how well I remember the day. read more

Parris Island Broken Arm 1970

On July 5th, 1970 I arrived at Parris Island after a long bus ride from Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, there were yellow footprints. I was 17 at the time and my Dad had served in the Army so naturally, I had to join the Marines. Anyway, I was a pretty squared away recruit. Tried to just look forward, stay under the radar and get the hell out of there as quick as I could. read more

My USMC tattoo

My traditional style eagle, globe and anchor. I served for 6 years in 1986-1992 and was a jet mechanic on A-4 Skyhawks. (seatshop) I also did a tour as a Marine Security Guard in the first class to accept women. 3 of us graduated MSG school in 1988. 1918 is the year women were allowed to join the Marines serving in the reserves. I added the date to my tattoo as a hat tip to the women who came before me. My step father was a Marine and in November my son graduated from Parris Island, so now we are a three generation USMC family. read more

Funny Side Bar Story

Here are two photos from Beirut circa 1982-83. The top photo is of me standing on the perimeter road down by the airport and the Sh-t River in an area we referred to as The Swamp. 2/8 had set up a series of sandbag bunkers along this road before we relieved them and we would man the bunkers and patrol the road, probably as they had before us. read more

A Week In The Life Of A SgtMaj

Many Marines feel they have to deal with a lot of stupid stuff. They often think getting up in the morning is a pain in the neck. Having to shave is an inconvenience. Keeping their area squared away is imposing on their right to self-expression. The list goes on. Often I ask a group of Marines who among them thinks they put up with stupidity. Inevitably a forest of hands goes up until I bark, “Well try putting some rockers on and see how stupid it gets!” read more