Veterans Reunion

Sixty-five years ago, Facebook would have been considered science fiction, e-mail was non-existent and even cell phones were yet to be invented.

Kasia Kovacs/Special to Liberty Tribune — Ray Merrell, Marine Raider veteran, and wife Helen flip through “Gung Ho Marines,” a book complied by Marine veterans from World War II. Surviving Raiders continue to keep in touch with annual reunions, the latest of which was held Sept. 1 in Fort Worth. Merrell has recently helped David Wotanis, an Honorary Raider, find information about his late father, Edward Wotanis, who served as a Raider during the war.

Marine Raider veteran and Liberty resident Ray Merrell, however, did not let the absence of instantaneous, wireless connection stop him from communicating with his family during World War II.   Read more

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