Visiting Camp Lejeune

Visiting Camp Lejeune

What a pleasure it was to meet the Marines of Camp Lejeune N.C. as I attended the Marine South Expo. I had always been west with my husband so this was my first time experiencing the East Coast and I have to say I loved it! Here are a few pics of some of the people I met.

Melissa Apodaca, only female on the all Marine Wrestling team Capt Kevin Knightly, WWBN-East, IDES Atty… originally from Oklahoma City. He shared with me that he had attended a Gritogether of ours and had intended on coming last year, but that is when the tornadoes hit and his home and the daycare his wife ran, were completely demolished. Luckily everyone survived.

I also humbly shook the hand of this Iwo Jima survivor and 2 time Purple Heart recipient. Each Marine was an honor to stand in the presence of.

Semper Fidelis and OOrah!

Kristy Fomin (Marine Wife)
C.O.O. Customer Relations 

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