VMFA-333 Reunion

VMFA-333 Reunion

On behalf of VMFA-333 Association I would like to thank you and Sgt. Grit for your support of the heritage of Marine Fighter Attach Squadron VMFA-333. Sgt. Grit’s sponsorship of our 2009 reunion was greatly appreciated by all.

As you know the reunion was held in Hawaii and we proudly wore the Sgt.Grit St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts you provided us with. We also made sure the President and Vice President of The Friend’s of St. Patrick Society were presented the t-shirts as well. Our unit patches which you also provided were proudly displayed on our hat bands and Hawaiian Kamp Shirts. We looked very sharp in deed going down the parade route during the Honolulu St. Patrick’s Day Parade and spectators cheered us as we passed by.

During our visit we chose to bring the squadron’s resident Leprechaun to the Kapiolani Hospital where we visited children in the Kauikeolani Children’s Center. There he put a smile on many children’s, parent’s and medical staff member’s faces with not only his sincere charm and wit but by giving each child a real US gold dollar and mini USMC flags from Sgt. Grit.

We will be traveling to Hawaii again in 2011 and we hope Sgt. Grit will continue to sponsor our Marine Corps Veteran’s Association which will be officially non-profit on June 10th. We will also make a return visit to not only the Kapiolani Hospital but the Shirner’s Children’s Hospital just across the street. Of course we will be in the parade too!

Thank you again for your generous support which we have provided a link to your web site from www.vmfa-333.org as a thank you. Attached are photos taken during the parade and the hospital visit.

Semper Fi,

Connie Gause
Veteran Sgt., USMC

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