We know where you’re going

April 4, 1962, along with a large group of recruits, I was inducted into the Corps at New York City and put on a chartered American Airlines flight to PI. Once airborne, a young looking recruit asked the stewardess for a beer. She complied and another recruit saw the transaction and stated, “Hey, I didn’t know you could get served”. The stewardess, overhearing the comment stated, “We know where you’re going”. Needless to say, the airplane’s alcoholic beverage supply was severely depleted prior to landing in South Carolina. It was a very social group of recruits that arrived at PI’s main gate in the subsequent bus ride. All was fine until that DI stepped onto the bus and boomed out, “All right, Maggots, eyes straight ahead and listen up” You know the rest of the story…………

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One thought on “We know where you’re going”

  1. On that first day 62 of us returned to the squad bay after getting our hair buzzed to our DI yelling about finding 11 unlocked seabags! Well he mixed up all 11 locks and locked all the seabags and said we had 5 minutes to find our own lock! We did! OOORAH!

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