Welcome Home Party – Nov. 2010

Welcome Home Party - Nov. 2010

Kristy and the entire Sgt. Grit Family :
 First let me apologize for it taking so long to get back with the photos, my laptop crashed and I've been rebuilding files and so on. Please for give me but I had to start from scratch again.
 So as you'll see in the photos it was a GREAT DAY ! We started out the day with a poker run,and about the time they got back from the poker run the cruise-in was going on .Our local community turned out in force to be on hand to meet and great the the troops as they arrived on the bus. The men had a blast,as you can see from the smiles on their faces. Each and every Marine their that evening received something from the Sgt.Grit family. Your kind and wonderful donations of hats,T-shirts , flags, where awesome and helped out so much. We where able to raise funds for the Semper-Fi Fund, which helps all the branches of service from 09/11 thru current, with all wounded vets, coming home and their families.
Now we are going to try to make this into a semi-annual event, to get the men out twice a year , along with raising money for the Semper-Fi Fund and Toys' for Tots' as well. And we'd like to ask the Grit Family if you'd like to be a part of this on going effort to help our Wounded American Heroes.
 Never ever let it be said that " The Marines Don't Take of Their Own !! " We DO ! And we do it better than anyone else. Semper-Fi !!!!
Again Thank you for all of your help and support………..
Thank You
GySgt. Robert C. Rogers _ U.S.M.C.-Ret.
Force Recon
Semper-Fi !

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