What Would Chesty Puller Do?

In 1968 After returning from Nam I was assigned to The Urology Clinic at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia. One day one of my x-ray machines went down and there was a large schedule of patient appointments.  I called Commander Sacher, The Chief of Urology, to ask whether or not to start calling to cancel some appts. He came down to our waiting area and I said "you know what Chesty puller would do?" He responded with, "why don't you ask the General." My knees weakened as I turned to see General Puller in front of my eyes. He motioned me to him and said, "Doc I need you to do a favor for me… please go topside and visit my son who is in a bad way… please talk and pray with him."  I said, "well General, Sir he's on sick officer quarters and I probably will not be allowed there."  He said, "you will be allowed." And, I was of course. Huge day in the life of this Doc!

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