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  1. I too was at Arlington and saw the the honor guard doing what one would think was just practice but soon realized that they were in fact rendering HONORS to our fallen brothers .We also had the honor to watch the magic and pride that the whole company of U.S. MARINES from Marine Barracks 8&I perform at evening parade at Arlington with special skills and pride for their country and Corps made this old Marine beam with pride and respect for our U. S. MARINE CORPS SEMPER FI forever.

  2. Great pictures, covering an event that any Marine worth his salt would be proud of. I have met a few marines that just don’t have the pride that most of our brothers carry. I feel sorry for them,and hope that someday they will regain the pride they deserve. Thanks for the pictorial. From one Vietnam vet to another. Jerry A. Lewis Sgt Vietnam 1965 Da-nang.

    1. Brother Marine, I totally agree with you on the fact that some Marines of today have no pride nor respect for that matter. I have witnessed it first hand since I live near an Air Wing Marine Base. I have an idea of what has gone wrong with our beloved Marine Corps. “MOTHERS of AMERICA!” Once they stuck their noses into Marine Corps training, everything seems to have gone down the s#!++er. Just my opinion. Semper Fi! Sgt. Apodaca-RVN

      1. I concur wholeheartedly. Retired Mustang Captain. 1952-1973 Korea, Viet Nam x2, 1963-1964, 1968-1969.

        1. Don’t lump all mothers together. There are plenty of us out here, willing to kick our sons in the behind whenever needed and turn our heads when watching what it takes to turn a boy into a man is more than we can take. Please give us credit for giving them what it takes to decide to become a marine. Proud wife of a Vietnam Vet and mother of two wonderful marines.

          1. I agree Dear Mother. I came home because of My Mother-in law and her prayers and faithfulness. OOHRAH to you and all the Marine Mother’s. RVN 69/70 3/1. Semper Fi

      2. I was talking to my old Gunny the other day about this….. these new young Marines have what appears to be a lack of respect and unwillingness to socialize with old salts, i don’t know what has brought this on but it sucks. It used to be and still is with older Marines, that when you meet one when your out and about, it’s like meeting an old friend. Not true with the young marines… this is annoying and very sad. None war years Marine here. 1986-1990.Semper Fi.

          1. Alphonzo, I was in platoon 179 in MCRD San Diego in 1965. I did Vietnam from Feb to Sept of 66. WIA Sept 4, 66 Semper Fi

          2. As a retired GySgt I ask you to not put all of today’s young Marines in that group. I served from 1986-2007, did 3 combat tours, and met many, many Marines that would make Chesty proud. Remember, some of these “kids” you refer to have 4-5-6 combat tours, so yes, sometimes there is an attitude, but that’s where we, the SNCO’s come in. If a troop of mine ends up in constant trouble I take that as failure on my part, and on the part of the NCO’s under me. Don’t worry…. Our beloved Corps are in good hands! Semper Fi

    2. Great pictures. It would be great to see it in person. Put it on my bucket list. Corp Dennis Gilbertsen VMFA115 Da Nang 1965

  3. Great pictures. The pride shows with total respect for our brothers. The Corps will forever run through my veins and I forever be proud to have worn the most beautiful uniform in the world. Nobody can touch us. Semper Fi!

    1. I was in waste City in 1968 if there are any Marines out there that don’t have respect for those that gave their lives and deserve the the respect of those that died is first on every rig Marines list enough said

  4. They make all of proud to be a Marine. None of the other services have anything like the Marine Corps. Look at the Army, they had to come up with something to match OOH RAH. So the came up with Whoop. Now if you watch much TV you must have seen the Army recruiting commercial that says for 241 years they have been protecting America, and even that is not a true statement because the Army totally disbanded for a short time after the Revolution. They all want to copy us, but they don’t want to put themselves through our training to earn the title.

  5. It was great to see that the U S Marine Corp still gives the fallen there respect with full honors. Great pics and a sorrowful moment.. Semper Fi till I die Sgt Robert Padgett 2nd Marine Division 1963 to 1967 May God keep you and protect you

    1. Hey Sarge! I Was @ 2nd. Mar. Div. from “63 to “66” as Well!! And Yes!! Scene’s Like this are Sad!! But you can”t Help But Feel Sorrow & Pride @ The Same Time.!! Cpl. Al Zazueta. Alway’s A Marine.! Semper Fi!

  6. The greatest calling I have ever had was to be selected to be a leader of Marines. I formed bonds that no government, ISIS, commies or any other foe could ever break. I have concerns that our “do-gooders” will have some adverse effect on Marine training. The pics bring back memories of a time that was “bitter – sweet”. Semper Fi, Do or Die. 1st Lt Don Taliaferro, Viet Nam – 1969 – 1970. 5th Comm Bn

  7. Nice pictures! My wife and I made visit to the memorial several years ago. We had the opportunity to see this honor and respect salute paid to our fallen bothers. Made me teary eyed and proud to be a Marine. Semper FI!! Cpl. G. Suniga 0361 Vietnam 63/65.

  8. Another example of Marines taking care of Marines. Marines even take care of the Army. e.g. Korea Chosin Reservoir. Marines hauled out the dead Army troops while endangering their own.

  9. Great feeling to be called a marine past or present just read total history of the Marine Corp in Vietnam was proud to serve sad to say a waste of good people lives for what served 68 to 69 18 months semper fi to the max

  10. Being a Marine isn’t everything…it’s the ONLY thing.

  11. I am proud to be a retired Viet Nam Marine. I love 8th & I, I really enjoy the evening parade. Nothing like the adrenaline rush when I watch our Marines with their M-14 drill.. Marine till I die.. GySgt. U. S. M. C. Retired

  12. First time I took part in an Honor Guard Service was in Central High School, Memphis, TN as an ROTC Cadet. In 1940 I don’t recall any military outfits in the area to provide such services to fallen heroes so the High School ROTC Battalions were asked to do so. At the grave site, seven cadets each fired their 1903 Springfield bolt action rifles (blanks) three times. It was NOT considered a 21 gun salute then. So, why are the three volleys now called a ” 21 gun salute “? We had our own bugler, too – no canned music. On Maui in 1945 when the conflict had ended, the 4th Marine Division had a decoration service then a memorial for those who had fallen. Even after all these years, there still is a feeling of pride at any parade bur especially when the Marines take part. Served 1943-45 and in amphibious landing on Saipan, the second D-Day in June, 1944. Always a Marine !

  13. I do believe our pride is forever and so is our Marine Corps. It shows in our respect, honor and traditions. AND IT IS EVERYWHERE !

  14. I am proud to be a Marine Veteran and so far have not run into any young veteran that is not proud to be a Marine Veteran. I am really an old salt. 81 yrs old and went to Paris Island for my training. Served 2 tours in Korea, the 1st with the 1st Marine Division and the 2nd with the 1st Marine Air Wing. Semper Fi until I die.

    1. also 81,was at K-6, mams 12, mag 12, 1st marine air wing, ’53- ’54, rode with that old helicopter WA-9, the” paddy wagon”, ring any bells? us old farts are getting few and far between. Semper Fi…..

  15. I would like to get in touch with any body who served in PLT 109 February 1962 Paris Island and 1st marine air wing danang 1963

  16. I am the daughter of a Marine who was in the Sixth Division (WWII) he was in the initial landing on Okinowa. I learned the right way that “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”. Attended the funeral of my Dad’s long time friend, a retired Marine Colonel at Arlington. What a spectacular day! The horse drawn caisson, the riderless horse, the Marine band, the silent drill team, and on. He had been cremated so no coffin, but the eight Marines unfurled the flag and held it taut over the urn for the entire funeral. They then re-folded the flag and each of the eight came to his widow, bent down on one knee, removed his glove and expressed his condolences. First, the Colonel who was in charge, bent down on one knee and told the widow that Marines know that when a Marine serves, the whole family serves; he wanted to thank her for her service. She has a son and grandson that are both Marines! Semper Fi!

  17. I am a retired Marine Captain (Mustang). I saw these Marines at the 8th and I evening parade but never at Arlington. These are powerful photos. I posted one on facebook to share with my grandson. I credited it as described: “I thought they were just Practicing… because the Marine Corps War Memorial was just a few Hundred Meters away…

    John Voracek
    Vietnam Marine

    It seemed appropriate for the 4th of July weekend. I will take it down asked.

  18. Mike…Sorry but Our First Marine Air Wing was not at DaNang in 1963….I was there in 1966-67.

  19. I served 66-70,F/2/9.I wear something every day that says USMC and every car I own has a USMC emblem on it.Semper Fi to all Marines everywhere.L/Cpl LBWebster.

  20. listen to all brothers in arms well this is a private moment and one that should be respected and honored and yes you would be honored to see this ceremony in its glory and such we should respect the families of our fallen brothers and leave them in peace and not take pictures of others brothers that where lost in our battle for peace of this great nation so with out saying anything else respect your brothers peace and let the families remember their loved ones the way they would love to.

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