Woman Marine married in Uniform

Woman Marine married in Uniform


Sgt. Grit,
You asked for a picture of a woman at her wedding in uniform in the April 14th, #250 issue.  Here are two that I have enclosed of my first husband and I married at the St. John's Lutheran Church in Kailua, Hawaii in 1967, well before your Sgt. Grit business days.  We were both stationed at MCAS Kaneohe.
God's protection over all our brave men and women in the service of our great country.
Semper Fi,
Diane Mallory, 1stLt, 63-67, USMC

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  1. I like the picture and the Marine female representation is truly awesome. Thank you for sharing this with your Marine family worldwide. However, I would like to add a small caveat to this story and photo. Whether old, young, male, female, on active duty, retired, or HONORABLY discharged, WE ARE ALL MARINES! We are and will be the most honorable, bravest, and strongest military family UNIT on this planet. SEMPER FI to all my BROTHER and SISTER Marines.

  2. Where in the HELL is that male Marines cover???????? OOH RAH!!!!!! Some of my best leaders were Women Marines, but we had the sense to refer to them as Marines, just busting chops on the no cover issue……over and out ERG

    1. Your right, I missed that brother, where is his cover!!! Thank you for taking my six on WE ARE ALL MARINES issue….. SEMPER FI

  3. To Answer About The Cover> My Guess is a Man Does NOT wear a ” hat ” in Church So as he was just leaving He did Not Have his Cover available However a Woman IS required To Cover her head in a Catholic Church Joe. Hackett, US Marine, Class of ’52

  4. had a one heck of a time. didnt know all that a marine has to sacrifice. guess it will never end. if not for the lord i would not have lived through a rough time. i was a young marine. made a oath to god and country. spent 6 months in hosiptals. didnt know where i was at most of the time. just would like to thank all of the marines and doctors that helped me to get home. pray for those who are away from their homes. jesus loves you jerry

  5. To Joe (above). I am not quite as “salty” as you, but being from the 1962 vintage boot camp, I would think I am “salty” enough to be part of the “old Corps”. First, it is a Lutheran church, not a Catholic church. Second, he does not even have his “cover” in his hand where it should be if he is going outdoors. Last, he is not inside the church at this point, he is already outside where he should be wearing his cover. Regardless………… It is a nice photo and I congratulate the happy couple. Semper Fi.

  6. Please lets’ be more positive to our bother and sister in this, they are showing that she was married in uniform. Bernie Caldwell 1954-1957

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